Mothers return back to work…

Mothers go back to work….

 Yes! Go back to work in your home and on your vocation.  Work on your hearts, come to your identity in your true feminine, grow in your vocation in marriage and build your children up to be children of God.

 Mothers your children need you!  They are lost in a godless society and battle fatigued.  Their spirits are weak, and find it easier to give in to peer pressure than to stand firm in their faith in God. 

 I know this to be true, by working with many, many teens that are carrying deep, deep pains in their hearts who feel very unloved at home.

 My husband and I have had a standing argument for a few years.  This argument comes up when we don’t have the money to play.  He then always responds in his frustration telling me I need to go back to work, or I need to find a job.  I have to remind him that we are making a sacrifice.  Our life is not ours any more, it is about teaching our children the meaning of life, and how to live simplistically, and make sacrifices when it is necessary, for the salvation of their souls.  In 1 Corinthians 6, the scripture is clear, your life is not your own, it belongs to God, and we have been purchased at a price of the blood of God.

 Now I know full well, what I am saying is counter cultural living in a materialistic world built on consumerism.  Our family has been stripped of everything…even to the point of homelessness for two months.  Every cross we have burdened the Lord has blessed in a multitude of ways all the more for our sacrifice.  One never knows the gift they have in their blessings until it is taken away from them.  We are living witnesses of this.

 My children needed me.  They needed a mother and a father.  Not part time, not at convenience, but to know we were there for them.

 I worked in a career for 24 years in the corporate environment.  My children began their life in a secular godless institution through day-care systems.  We seemed to be bouncing from day care to day care to find the quality care to live up to our living standards and belief’s for them.  They were inundated with activities, one after the other, while we as their parents lived vicariously through them.  We thought we were doing the right thing, and that it was good for them.

 But them I started hearing my oldest and what she was saying at the age of six years old.  Children this age talking about having sex in the public schools?  I was mortified!  Parents are blind if they do not think kids are interested at such an earlier age, or being lured by older kids to drugs.  By the programs alone they watch on television they are saturated with garbage.

 Our Lady was working on my heart at this time, and I was listening to her.  Her words through Medjugorje were, “talk to your children tell them of your experience; help parents who teach their children the wrong way….the youth are in a very difficult situation today…”

 Hear these words…the Mother of God is saying that parents are teaching children the wrong way.  Parents are leading their children to sin.  They are leading their children on the path to hell.

 Our Lady said in Medjugorje and Fatima ‘souls fall into hell because they no one to pray for them.’  Are we praying for our children?  Are we praying for youth, for families, for marriages?  I think we can see the fruit of the lack of prayer in the world today, by the mere fact that families are crumbling before our very eyes, and the audacity of debating the definition of what a marriage is now coming to the Federal courts.  We have fallen far from the apple cart.

 I could write volumes about this subject; and maybe it will be so in coming in parts, God willing.  This story is in brief, but is a witness to the fruits of the gift of motherhood.

 When I finally came to the realization I was not called to be a working mom and the corporate life was not for me; I was in a corporate business meeting.  I looked around the room and I saw such poverty with my peers.  So many divorced, on the verge of divorce, single looking for romance, sleeping with a multitude of bed partners, never finding any happiness.  Adultery was the favorite past time in the business I was in.  I was the only one in the room who had children and shopped at Wal-Mart.  It was all about ego and show and tell.

 It was an Epiphany for me.  I know I did not belong there any more.  But I negotiated with the Lord.  I was in sales you know. I wanted to put off quitting for another year, to build up capital and save for the future.  Well the Lord had his plan for me.  I was fired within the next month.  I went from top producer to the unemployment line. 

 But when I gave up chasing after a career all in vain and made a career of motherhood; a true and profound peace settled into my heart; and my children begged me never to go back to work again.  They are free to be who they are, and a certain peace has come over them.

 I never expected the life changing journey that I had to walk in the following years to come. This is a book in itself.  I had to come to grips with all the wrong way of thinking that I had been programmed to in my formidable years that women needed to be independent and strong, and now I was forced into a position of having to be dependent upon my spouse. Problems crept in all the more to say the least.  But I just kept seeing the love in my children and their need for me.  I knew they needed me.  I had to die to myself and my selfish wants and desires, and give them a fair chance at life. 

 I had to let Our Lady be my mother first though. I had to learn motherhood from her.  I love my maternal mother with all my heart, but I also know she was not a perfect mom.  Blessed Mother has been given to the world by God to be our mother.  From generation to generation as a model to follow after God created her as ‘perfect mother.’

 Our Lady’s life with St. Joseph was nothing but a life of sacrifice.  They did not ship Jesus off to the local Jewish temple child care center, to have others raise him.  No!  Jesus was taught in the home in his Nazareth years.  He was formed from the womb of Our Lady to his public mission.  If it was good enough for Jesus, she is good enough for me. 

 If I want to know how to be perfect and grow in holiness, I need to go to the perfect model of holiness…the Blessed Mother. 

 Now I realize there are some situations where mothers have to work as in divorce situations or death; and there is no other way.  This article is not for this purpose. This article is for the women who are running away from their responsibilities, who selfishly seek to pamper themselves and make a career out of spas and shopping; or for self gain and notoriety, while their kids are hooked up detached into the electronic world of numbness.  You know who you are and you will bear the responsibility of the souls of your children in the eyes of God.  I know this to be true as the Lord gave me a vision of my soul in hell for the past life I had lived.  Trust me; nobody wants hell, if they knew the reality of it.

 There was no question, we had to change our lives, and God was determined to save our souls.  We have suffered tremendously on this narrow path towards eternity; but through it, we have come to learn the true meaning of the cross and redemption through the cross.  It has made us strong in God, and rooted out sin in our lives.  We are a praying family!

 Sacrifice is the key word here mothers.  It becomes more important to live life simply then to have all the extras that only end up costing more in the end and your soul.  And if we are aware of what is going on in the world, the Lord is stripping this nation of all the false glitters.  He will bring the world to their knees literally, because the world and humanity cannot pull itself out of it.

Praise God I turned to Our Lady as refuge and model of true Motherhood, and my true identity as a woman.  She is perfect in every way in her humanity, her holiness, and her virtues and in her body which is undefiled, spotless and without blemish.  I give her my yes, and my life to be her witness.  I let her teach me how to be ‘mom’ to my children, and wife to my husband, so that they will continue to pass it on from generation to generation.

 I am not perfect mom-actually far from perfect mom, but I am a praying mom, and a listening mom.  My kids know that if they need something from me, they go to Our Lady and she will teach me how to obtain what they need.  I listen to her messages very intently and I ask and pray for its meaning in my life.

 If she is calling me to pray in a special way I trust she knows where the grace is needed, because she has all wisdom and sees all things as God permits her to distribute the graces where they are needed.  I leave everything at her disposal and trust her as my mother.

 I am fully enrolled in her school of love.

 To be continued in other parts….


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