Holy Family Workshop Now Available

Holy Spirit

Holy Family Workshop a Contemplative prayer formation


Holy Family Workshop, a Catholic Marriage and Family Contemplative Prayer formation.

Building stronger Catholic Marriages

Laying the Foundation and Rebuilding Families, the Domestic Church

Living God’s call for Marriage and Family Holiness with Our Lady

Forming Houses of prayer-Stirring sacramental graces of the Holy Spirit

Heart to Heart Listening tools for building a stronger prayer life

Healing and Reconciliation for hurting marriages and families with workshop materials

For further information send requests to lnance4@aol.com

“Dear children, today is the day when I give you a message for the parish, but the whole parish is not accepting the message an is not living them. I am saddened and I want you dear children, to listen to me and to live my messages. Every family must pray family prayer and read the bible! Thank you for having responded to my call.” (2/14/85)

No one is excluded from this call…your parish is your domestic church…Our Lady wants to present the families one day to her Son as a sweet smelling boquet. Let us all respond and live her messages!

This formation may be used for private formation and/or group formation; couples working with couples.

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