What did they See? God’s Family part 2

And the Word became flesh...

A Quote from St. Louis de Monfort (True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, #217):

“The soul of Mary will be communicated to you to glorify the Lord. Her spirit will take the place of yours to rejoice in God her Savior, but only if you are faithful to the practices of this devotion. As St. Ambrose says, May the soul of Mary be in each one of us to glorify the Lord! May the spirit of Mary be in each one of us to rejoice in God!” When will that happy day come asks a saintly man of our own day whose life was completely wrapped up in Mary, ‘when God’s Mother is enthroned in men’s hearts as Queen, subjecting them to the dominion of her great and princely Son. When will souls breathe Mary as the body breathes air?” When that time comes wonderful things will happen on earth. The Holy Spirit finding his dear Spouse present again in souls, will come down into them with great power. He will fill them with His gift, especially wisdom, by which they will produce wonders of grace. My dear friend, when will that happy time come, that age of Mary, when many souls, chosen by Mary and given her by the most High God, will hide themselves completely in the depths of her soul, becoming living copies of her, loving and glorifying Jesus. That day will dawn only when the devotion I teach is understood and put into practice…”

This reflection continued from the Message of the Mother of God to the world on 1/2/2011

I will begin where I left off from the previous article as the Holy Spirit continued to teach about divine love. It bears repeating that Jesus chose to come into the world in utter poverty. Even the bed he laid in was borrowed from animals. There was no comfortable hospital bed for him to lay his head as we have today in elaborate maternity wards. God chose it this way.

God chose to be born of a woman. He chose to be born into a family with a mother and a father. This man and woman, Joseph and Mary were poor, humble and obedient to God.

He chose to be born to a couple who each sanctified their lives by serving the Lord, not only in deed and action, but in their bodies as well. This holy couple rejected wealth, honor and stature. This is where divine love chose to begin to exist and be born. That is to a man and a woman who emptied themselves from all self love, no attachment to material needs, not puffed up with knowledge and pride. They gave everything they had to stay in poverty; they had no need of outside human love but existed in complete charity with other human beings. Their only focus was to serve God and nothing else.

Therefore the way was made clear for divine love to be born in this home. There was plenty of room for God to enter and fill the space with His love. Joseph and Mary prepared their lives making ready themselves as empty vessels, awaiting this moment with great expectation and joy, for this very moment, to receive not only divine love, but to receive it in His wholeness in the flesh.

All shame that Joseph may have had not finding a suitable place for his bride was removed when His eyes fell upon His God in the flesh, being held in His Mother’s arms. Nothing else existed in that cave except for the light that came to the world through the infant child, and the three of them huddled close together in their own human warmth, in holy adoration and amazement of the gift they have just beheld. Their eyes, nor their hearts could not see anything else, but wonder and amazement.

The shepherds came after hearing the news from the angels of heaven who proclaimed the glory of God and the birth of the Son.

What did they see when they arrived at that cave? Was it only a father and mother with a new born child? No, it couldn’t have been just that, as this would happen every day in normal life.

The presence of God and divine love was in their midst. All of Heaven was opened on this holy night, and the earth was filled with God’s glory and His grace. The announcement came, announcing the birth of the Savior to obscure shepherds who ran in haste without hesitation to see if it was true. Why didn’t the whole town of Bethlehem come? The grotto was near the city wasn’t it? Why didn’t those people know about God’s arrival?

So, what did they hear? What did they see to make them run in haste and to see a man and a woman with a babe in the cave? It was the experience and being in the presence itself. They left praising God for all they heard and saw that night.

How much to wonder is left open for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. Children are born every day. Is there such an event that takes place for a human child as their was for the divine child? No, I think not.

So we have to ask, what kind of child has been given to us this Christmas?

Matthew’s gospel tells about the arrival of the three kings, where we celebrate the Epiphany. These kings came from foreign lands following a star, a sign from heaven. Three kings who represent the gentiles in the Jewish term. Where were the people of God? Why didn’t God’s own people recognize their king in their midst, or even knew that He came? So much left for the human heart to contemplate…

But the magi were overwhelmed with joy at what they saw. What did they see? There was no reception or party taking place. What was it that this holy gift of God gave to them that they in turn opened their treasures and offered it to the Holy Family for the divine child?

So what did they all receive? There was nothing but a family in an empty cave who have just received new life. There was only the poor holy couple embracing and adoring their gift. Could the love of God be so great that it just poured out of all of them? We should know such love.

Another thought the Holy Spirit led me to, was that Mary knew how the child was conceived. She made it clear she had no relations with a man. Who can comprehend what she might have been thinking; not just by her gift of faith was God conceived, but she was impregnated with divine love in her human body. And through her human body, divine love was born into the world, flesh of her flesh.
She allowed herself to be an empty vessel in her feminine body in her lowliness and her poverty; having no attachment to sin what so ever. She was ready to be filled with divine power. Divine power consumed her and filled her so much so to full term to give birth to Him in the world.

So what did she see? What did she hear when her child cried out? Imagine her joy to see the fruit of her prayer before her eyes, in this holy moment, knowing her redemption was at hand. Did anything else matter or exist in this hour for her? No! She was consumed with the love of God.

Joseph knew how the child was conceived. He had no relations with his bride, and vowed chastity. She is the holy of holies, the ark of the new covenant, whose body carried God. Joseph knew that no one could touch the holy of holies and live. By his free will, he chose to offer his body for the sake of his bride in virginity. (Remember, he was going to divorce her quietly and not expose her to shame [Mt. 1:19] possibly thinking she had committed adultery-and great anxiety overcame him at the thought of such an action). Mary didn’t tell Joseph she was pregnant with God’s child, and she began to show in her body her maternal state. She submitted to the Holy Will of God and waited for God to tell Joseph Himself. What trust and faith she had at such a great risk, to face death, humiliation and shame?

Joseph knew however about the profound faith of his bride by her witness to faith, her prayer life, and her virtues. He knew she was consecrated to God from her birth, and offered in the temple. He knew she was a virgin. He experienced her holiness and her purity, as the temple maiden and as a gift to him. He knew God was with her, and by reason and love kept him from exposing her. The holy couple was in complete union with God’s will in spirit before even meeting in person.

What kind of love is this we have to ask our self? This kind of love cannot be comprehended, but speaks to the human soul, and draws the heart to wonder.
Joseph and Mary experienced the love of God. They knew in the depth of their hearts that He was their Creator, and they were mere creatures. They were gifted with a profound faith. The faith of Mary and Joseph received from their ancestors and the Word of God was so infused in them they had no fear to offer themselves for the salvation of souls.

Blessed Mother trusted in the love of God knowing that God would guard her and protect her, even from the law that said she was to be stoned for her condition if it were committed in sin. She trusted the Father for providing for her a husband who would guard her dignity and preserve her virginity, even though she was offered up as a temple maiden for marriage.

Blessed Mother had to trust that her husband would accept her condition with child and not divorce her or even worse, put her to death, and still hold on waiting for God to reveal the truth to her husband. She always was in complete surrender and submission to the divine will and to her holy spouse.

If I am repetitive as I write, it is for a reason, to drive this thought home. There is no doubt for the one who prays.

Joseph’s faith speaks of the same of his character. He was a righteous man, said the scriptures. He suffered with great anxiety, but he also had to trust in the divine will to fortify him in faith. He had to live out in full what the forefathers proclaimed before him, under obedience to the Law of God, and with profound love for his bride, knowing she is gift to him. Joseph was responsible and entrusted with much, the Son of God as his own son, and the woman who gave birth to him. He could not but turn to God for answers in prayer and wait for the Lord to respond to him, who most likely kept in him suspense and anticipation.

The fruit of their faith, with the love of God and their obedience to Him is what gave birth to divine love into the world.

Therefore, from all these experiences they lived combined and all they suffered in heart and in flesh and by the faith they lived, now they see the fruit before their very eyes, the uncreated gift, begotten by God.

This story only begins, because in full knowledge both Joseph and Mary knew that they do not solely possess their child, but that He is a gift from God. They knew He came to bring salvation to cold human hearts, and would be offered up to God for the salvation of souls, by His own will.

The holy couple will hand their child over into the hands of those who will torture their Son, accuse Him, mock Him, beat Him and put Him to death.

Imagine the anxiety of a parent having full knowledge of the future destiny of their child and what was going to happen to their child who would face a cruel and torturous death. Some parents today can relate to this, as children who suffer from disease and lose their life at the hands of others. Yet gut wrenching to say the least, especially to one that you love, and is born of your flesh.

Yes, Joseph and Mary knew full well by their scriptures and the voice of the prophets the future of this child, who would redeem mankind.

Now, here we are today, over 2000+ years later. God again sent His Mother to the world to prepare the world for the new Advent of her Son, to call the world back to salvation by conversion of heart. She said he will not be born into the world as He was 2000 years ago, but would be born in our hearts instead.

Today Our Lady comes to an obscure little village much like that of where she lived 2000 years ago, which was at that time very primitive, about 30 years behind modern society, where she said was the most faith in the world. She came with her infant Son in her arms on June 24, 1981, veiling and unveiling him before the eyes of the children who beheld her presence.

Some may say this is impossible for God? But those of faith can say with certainty “Nothing is impossible for God.” And for a great plan to convert the whole world, it has to take a whole generation to change the hearts of men, to know God once more. I think He knows what He is doing. So who are we to say this cannot be done.

However all the more, has been foretold by countless saints, the apostles, and mystics from centuries past.

Our Lady wants to give her Son again to the world, this same world, the same human creatures who rejected Him from the beginning, who tortured and murdered her Son. Yes, we are the same people, the same creatures by nature. Unfathomable to human mind, but not to divine love, Who offered Himself to death to show the world that God exists, and to bridge the way to the heart of the Father.

Our Lady said in very loving words with little baby Jesus in her arms, “I and my Son want to give you love, joy and peace…”

She again with the Father in Heaven are freely giving their Son Jesus to the world, knowing the state of our weakened sinful human hearts, and what we will do with Him again.

Can we receive this gift, freely?

Can we accept the responsibility that comes with receiving this gift?

Do we possess it as our own or do we give Him freely as He was given to us freely; knowing that we may be laughed at, scoffed at, mocked, humiliated, accused, ridiculed, beaten, tortured or even put to death because of Him and for His name?

Can you receive this love of God, or are our hearts so filled with distractions, puffed up pride, hatred, envy or with evil thoughts and deeds?

Are we consumed with wealth, money and power and greed?

Then sadly if so, you are the inn keeper who said, “There is no room Joseph for your family to enter, and will slam the door in his face, who desires to have his son loved by you.

Can we receive freely divine love offered to us daily in the holy sacrifice of the mass in the mystical body of Christ, with our whole heart in holy adoration, paying him homage to the God who freely gives Himself at all cost to you?

How is the world going to receive the love of God, if it is the very world who rejects His love, from the original source of love itself? There is no room to freely receive love, too much clutter.

Behold the Mother with child who comes once more for the last time, with her Son. These are her words, “for the last time”.

In the world we can see already the fruit of the loss of God in a Godless society. If we do not have God the Father in the first place, then we will believe in anything-and so, here we are today, making all kinds of idols to worship in our gluttonous society. And I repeat again, still the mother comes tirelessly and freely gives her Son again, and again to the same human people who will repeatedly reject Him and Her Motherly love.

What kind of love is this that is freely given to us?

Therefore, I ask again, if we cannot accept the divine gift, what makes us think we can accept one another as gift, as God’s people, as God’s family?

And if we cannot accept Him in fullness of truth in our human nature in this world, what makes us think we will be able to stand before Him in fullness of truth in the next world?

Yes my dear friends Our Lady is praying for the world today. She is praying for you and me, that we become cognizant, fully aware that we are God’s family, and that we will choose good over evil, and life over death. That we will choose the path that leads to her Son, and her Son will lead us to the Father.

From the depth of my soul I feel the words of our holy Mother in this message. My heart is heavy, knowing I still have a long journey to walk, yet consolation is mine, for I do not walk it alone, but hand in hand with my Mother.
Ave Maria!

Again this concludes another section from the counsel of the Holy Spirit about Our Lady’s message to the world given on 1/2/2011. And still yet more is still to come, which will be unveiled as part III, Fatima? Medjugorje? Connected?

“For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him might not perish but might have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world might be saved through him…” (John 3:16-17)

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