Request for Intercession “In a Special Way”

Dear children, I need you to help me....

Dear children of Our Lady

We are asking for prayer of intercession and to get it to your prayer groups also if possible. If you do not have a prayer group, please pray in your families which is the first prayer group for this intention….

This morning I woke up praying my rosary as I usually do and our March pilgrimage came to heart. I was focusing on the two hearts of Jesus and Mary and reflecting on the novena we have been doing for youth and families.

As if the novena is stirring up the Holy Spirit like Our Lady is accomplishing what she desired through it, she took me back to the words….”In a special way pray…” Of course this is outside of the norm of daily prayer, I feltshe is asking for specific prayer.

I said that we are still praying the novena as she asked. But then she said…”satan is at work. Use the tools I have given you. Defeat him!”

I then was given this image of

‘satan taking a stand like a road block, and behind him were many children (who I understood were Our Lady’s children). His army had them bound and gagged like they could not move. (I understood this not only to be the warfare against satan, but their sins holding them back, esp fears). Jesus rode up on His white horse as the King of Kings, with His army behind him, and St. Joseph stading right behind Jesus the King. Our Lady was standing behind her Son further off, holding her army back which were a mix of her children and angels waiting for the signal from Jesus. Jesus and satan were at a stand off, and circling each other. Jesus pulled out his flaming sword and raised it high, and St. Joseph took up His weapon that looked like a tool of a sort, and raised it also.’

The Image stopped here…

I felt the Lord is leading us to do spiritual warfare to defeat all that is blocking the pilgrimage as if the novena has birthed this grace to do so….Not only our pilgrimage, but for all pilgrims who are called to go to Medj I guess for this coming year, I don’t know…but I felt her say “for all pilgrims.”

I know the season will be picking up as spring comes, who who knows, but she needs the intercession for her pilgrims.

If you are able to, please gather your prayer groups to pray interceding for us to “set these captives free who are called to go to Medjugorje.”

God bless you and thank you for your prayers…you are all in ours…