Seriousness Reflects the Message of 3/2/2012-Medjugorje

To view the link for the video of the apparition, copy and paste to your subject line…A most serious apparition. Please keep at the forefront of your prayers, the prayers for those who do not know the Jesus, and the love of God.

Mirjana’s apparition on March 2nd 2012 at The Blue Cross, Medjugorje.
The apparition begins at 9.03

During the apparition the Virgin Mary gives this message:

“Dear children, through the immeasurable love of God I am coming among you and I am persistently calling you into the arms of my Son. With a motherly heart I am imploring you, my children, but I am also repeatedly warning you, that concern for those who have not come to know my Son be in the first place for you. Do not permit that by looking at you and your life, they are not overcome by a desire to come to know Him. Pray to the Holy Spirit for my Son to be impressed within you. Pray that you can be apostles of the divine light in this time of darkness and hopelessness. This is a time of your trial. With a rosary in hand and love in the heart set out with me. I am leading you towards Easter in my Son. Pray for those whom my Son has chosen that they can always live through Him and in Him, the High Priest. Thank you.”


2 Responses to “Seriousness Reflects the Message of 3/2/2012-Medjugorje”

  1. SR Says:

    Calling us to the arms of her Son. She never gives that up does she?? Thanks so much for sharing this, I needed it. God Bless, SR

    • herschooloflove Says:

      Every mother longs for her children to be with her. I am experiencing this now. My heart aches for my daughter who is away at school. I feel I am sharing in Blessed Mother’s longing for her children to come into her embrace, so she can lead them to Jesus. I am longing to be with her again in Medjugorje. God bless.

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