Mirjana’s Annual Apparition March 18, 2012

I desire to take you by the hand and to walk with you in the battle against the impure spirit.

“Dear children! I am coming among you because I desire to be your mother – your intercessor. I desire to be the bond between you and the Heavenly Father – your mediatrix. I desire to take you by the hand and to walk with you in the battle against the impure spirit. My children, consecrate yourselves to me completely. I will take your lives into my motherly hands and I will teach them peace and love, and then I will give them over to my Son. I am asking of you to pray and fast because only in this way will you know how to witness my Son in the right way through my motherly heart. Pray for your shepherds that, united in my Son, they can always joyfully proclaim the Word of God. Thank you.”

Our Lady reminds us of who she is. She is our intercessor, your mediatrix our bridge to the Father. She wants to walk with us in this hour of darkness to help us in this battle against the impure spirit that is trying to overcome the world. She is here my friends. Jesus sent His Mother to help us. Please, take her hand and walk with her. She will show us the way to fight against this Goliath.

The first step is prayer and fasting. Pray to be sensitive to her words so that you can understand your part in this plan of salvation for souls.

Blessed Mother take my hand, I desire to walk with you. I take you into my heart as my Mother.


8 Responses to “Mirjana’s Annual Apparition March 18, 2012”

  1. neodecaussade Says:

    Dear Herschooloflove,
    I was hoping that you might clarify a couple of items in the blog post. When you mention the battle against the impure spirit, what is that referring to? What is the impure spirit? Also, when yo mention the fight against this Goliath you used a capital letter and that implies a proper name. Who is this Goliath? You also mentioned a plan of salvation. Is this plan written down somewhere?

    God bless,

    • herschooloflove Says:

      Dear neodecaussade,

      The term about the “battle against the impure spirit” is the term Our Lady used in her message.

      Our Lady always says that we must pray to comprehend the message. This could mean an impure spirit in ourselves, or she could mean it in another way. This I cannot answer for you. And I have yet to take it to my private prayer. When I do, God willing I will post the reflection as it has been revealed in my own prayer.

      But the scripture says that certain spirits can only be defeated by prayer and fasting.

      So my suggestion is to take this to your private prayer and seek the wisdom of the Holy Spirit and its meaning for you. Please share if you get any insight. Let us see how the Holy Spirit moves the praying Church.

      The name Goliath used in this context is the giant obstacle that represents what is standing in the way of defeating the evil in this spiritual war.

      On another occasion, Our Lady said just this: “I give you the weapons against your Goliath, here are your little stones; (1) Prayer with the heart; Rosary, (2) Eucharist; (3) Holy Bible; (4) Fasting; (5) Monthly Confession.

      These are the weapons of warfare. Goliath was a giant that stood in the way of the Israelites battle against the enemy. He was filled with pride, and used intimidation tactics against the people and usurped his power over them.

      But Heaven is providing a simplistic remedy to defeat this enemy by the 5 stones given as our weapons. Beginning with defeating the sin in ourselves first. The enemy here is sin. The sins of men are so great that it has manifested such an evil over the world that has filled the world with impurity.

      Our Lady desires us to repent, defeat sin, and and clothe ourselves in purity. Then you will see the reverse come over the world if people respond to this call. Less sin, the more of the spirit of Jesus will reign in the world.

      There is a plan for man’s salvation. This comes only through Jesus Christ. Our Lady said that “God wants to convert the entire world and bring it to salvation. You are all important in this plan…” (6/25/2007) Heaven has the plan, and everyone has his own part in the plan. Again this is something that needs to be taken to your private prayer. The plan of God for me in this great work of redemption will be different than His call for you. I hope this helps in your understanding. God bless.

  2. SR Says:

    “How to witness my Son in the right way, through my Motherly Heart.” I do not quite understand that, could you please help me to understand better what is being said here. Thank you so much for sharing and giving us these. God Bless, SR

    • herschooloflove Says:

      We need to witness Jesus in truth. There are many who claim to be Catholics/Christians who live habitual sin, and reject the truths of the Church, or do not live the commandments, and/or a beatitude way of life.

      The primary purpose of Our Lady’s coming is to call the world to conversion of heart, to prayer, fasting, reading the Holy Bible, reconciliation and living Holy Mass. To be a witness to Jesus is to stand for truth, no matter how difficult it may be, not only by words, by by our life.

      What comes to mind is the words of the Lord in the gospel about his warning to the people about not following the example of the scribes and pharisees. Do what they say, but not what they do. I have learned in this walk that I have had to change everything of the lifestyle I was living, not only in myself, but also to make sure I was living it in the married state in life, and working on the hearts of my children. This did not come easy but was a great struggle, because no one wants to change. We get comfortable where we are even in sin.

      Our Lady calls us to follow her example of holiness. To live her virtues. Jesus modeled these virtues in His way of life. Remember He said, “I am meek and humble of heart…” He allowed himself to be the suffering Lamb, at the expense of shedding his blood.

      SR, this is a personal question you must ask in your prayer with Blessed Mother. Ask her how she is calling you to witness Jesus, and which way she is calling you to conversion of heart. Be open to her promptings. A mother knows what a child needs.

      God bless you.

      • SR Says:

        Thank you so much for taking the time to answer and I will follow your most needed and wise advice on asking our Blessed Mother in prayer. Again thank you, and God Bless, SR

      • herschooloflove Says:

        Our Lady is such a good mother :-() God bless you and I pray she opens the eyes of your heart to hear her call for you. Ave Maria!

  3. SR Says:

    She opened the “eyes of my heart to hear her call” seven years ago, when she called me to the Church. My life has never been the same since. She continues to call and open them today. Thank you so much for your prayers for this and your help during my Consecration. Beginning last week today. God Bless, SR

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