Daily Act of Reparation and Prayer to the Holy Cross

Jesus have mercy on me a sinner

Forgive me Lord for my lack of gratitude toward you and your goodness, and the immeasurable love you have for me a sinner. I thank you for the constant outpouring of your graces upon my soul. I have become anxious and ungrateful when I do not understand your way and your perfect will for me.

Forgive me Lord when I despise the gifts you have given to me, and I grumble and complain against you, especially in carrying my daily cross. How this grieves you and wounds your most Sacred Heart.

Teach me and help me to know you more intimately and to adore you on the holy cross which won the victory for my salvation. Through my own suffering lead me on the right path; the path you have chosen for me that leads to my salvation.

I unite myself with you and I thank you for the cross that you have blessed upon me, there where I am most intimate with you. I choose to embrace this daily cross, in my daily duties at work, and at home and live out the vocation you have called me to; to the full as you desire for me. I desire the grace to love you with great affection, remembering how patiently you carried the cross and suffered for me.

I freely choose you this day and say yes to you, bearing my own suffering in silence in the spirit of repentance for the forgiveness of sins and for the grave offenses committed against you, your holy cross and your Most Sacred Heart. I beg of you complete pardon for my offenses and the sins of others committed against you, and ask for an ardent and fervent love for Jesus Christ and his holy Mother, the Immaculate Virgin Mary.

My Lady and my Mother who was given to me by your Son at the foot of the cross, obtain for me the grace to surrender all things accepting every trial that may come. In the perfect will of God, pray that I may not refuse His grace for me through your hands. Help me in my weakness that I may always seek refuge in your Immaculate Heart especially when I find it most difficult to carry my cross, and that my daily offering may pass through your holy hands to your Son Jesus crucified. Help me dear Mother to not offend Him or commit offense against His work of redemption in me. I ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ, and through the working power of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

“Perhaps you are filled with shame for causing My bitter passion. Do not be afraid. This cross inflicts a mortal injury, not on Me, but on death. These nails no longer pain Me, but only deepen your love for Me. I do not cry out because of these wounds, but through them I draw you into My heart. My body was stretched on the cross as a symbol, not of how much I suffered but of My all-embracing love. I count it no loss to shed My blood: it is the price I have paid for your ransom. Come, then, return to Me and learn to know Me as your father, who repays good for evil, love for injury and boundless charity for piercing wounds” (St. Peter Chrysologus).

(Make a humble act of reparation or act of penance to visibly show your commitment to follow Jesus and the way of the cross and adore Him on the cross. This prayer may be prayed at the foot of the crucifix, before the Most Blessed Sacrament or in private).

Jesus I Trust in you


2 Responses to “Daily Act of Reparation and Prayer to the Holy Cross”

  1. SR Says:

    This is so beautiful. How I loved reading and praying it. What a wonderful share with us. God Bless, SR

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