Detach from Worldly Things – Witness to Medjugore 5/25/12 Msg.

“…I call you to conversion and holiness…”

“Dear children! Also today I call you to conversion and to holiness. God desires to give you joy and peace through prayer but you, little children, are still far away – attached to the earth and to earthly things. Therefore, I call you anew: open your heart and your sight towards God and the things of God – and joy and peace will come to reign in your hearts. Thank you for having responded to my call.”

As we enter the eve of Pentecost, (for the sake of those who do not know it is the birthday of the universal Christian Church). The promised Advocate that Jesus spoke of, the Holy Spirit comes to bring life to the Church and moves human hearts to God bringing them to conversion. I have to admit, I found myself in anticipation, wondering what Our Lady’s message would be.

I have spent this whole novena of Pentecost in recovery from a recent surgery I had that has kept me down for several days. It has allowed me to enter into the suffering of Christ uniting my own suffering with his, embracing my human weakness in infirmity, and having something else to offer so that the Lord may pour out his grace all the more over His bride.

To most, Our Lady’s message probably seems not too much out of the ordinary. But we should never under estimate words that come from Heaven. Keep in mind, the Mother of God never acts on her own. She is SENT by God. She is conveying this message to the world that comes from God Himself.

Therefore we have to look at the word as a living word in the present moment. Heaven is on a set schedule, and is determined to change this wayward human race around to once more living as a people of God as in the first days when Christ entered time.

The first part of the message said, “Dear children! ALSO TODAY I CALL YOU TO CONVERSION AND TO HOLINESS.”

Conversion – I looked up the definition of conversion. I found (9) references to this word. They are listed below and pulled from this list what this word conversion could possibly mean for you the reader in your state in life:

The noun CONVERSION has 9 senses:
1. an event that results in a transformation
4. a spiritual enlightenment causing a person to lead a new life
6. a change of religion
9. the act of changing from one use or function or purpose to another

Some may be called to complete transformation in their spiritual life. Some may be called to transformation in the way they are living our their vocation. Some may be called to change their religion seeking deeper truth. Some may be called to complete change of lifestyle.

Come follow me

Conversion for me is to grow more in the virtue of love. Therefore I move on to the next call in this message, as she did not only says we are called to conversion, but also to HOLINESS.

1. Sacredness
2. Purity
3. righteousness, piety
4. Virtuous

These are just some of the words that describe the word Holiness. But in all, holiness is a way of life. The catechism of the Catholic Church says that ALL CHRISTIANS ARE CALLED TO HOLINESS.

At the end of the book of revelation, speaking about the kingdom of God, it says, “nothing unclean will enter…”

Therefore, there are many, many biblical hints to describe what holiness may be. In my own understanding, I see it as living a life of virtue. Our Lady is the immaculate model of living virtue in the flesh. If we want to know what holiness looks like we need to go to the perfect image given to man for our example.

Holiness comes in identity; that is knowing who you really are.

We forget that the number one driving sin of man is pride. The opposite of pride is humility. This could be one area of practice that we can begin TODAY as our Lady said, to grow in the virtue of humility. The Litany of Humility has all kinds of good points to begin with in stripping us of our self love. (Keep in mind that I am only touching briefly on this subject and still trying to keep this a simple as possible.)

Another way of holiness is putting to life the Beatitude way of living, meditating on the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew’s gospel, chapter 5. Plenty there to work on for one striving to perfection.

We need to listen in the heart however, to where God is calling us to begin our conversion. St. John the Baptist said, I must decrease, so that He may increase. A part of me has to die, so that more of Jesus can live in me.

Our Lady made no bones, that we her children, we the world are still clinging to earth and earthly things.

Folks when I hear these words, I hear that the world needs to be stripped of all attachments to sin. If we are attached to material things, then we are clinging to false gods, which is idolatry. We are putting these things above God!

Where your treasure is, there will your heart be…

If we study our biblical history, idolatry is the number one abomination to God and great chastisements fell upon his people to purify them of their idolatry. If we cannot do it on our own, the Lord is determined to have our salvation, He will do it for us!

False gods and Idolatry needs to go!

Our Lady concludes saying, “…Therefore, I call you anew open your heart and your sight towards God and the things of God…and joy and peace will come to reign in your hearts…”

Anew she says; anew is to begin again, try again, and keep trying to work on this. Keep the eyes of your heart on Jesus, and the things of God. Things of God are heavenly things, living the sacramental life, living the commandments, living as the first Christians did all for the good of neighbor and less of self love.

Wouldn’t any Mother want their child to know joy and peace? Do you think Our Mother in heaven wants to see us in such fear, worry and anxiety especially when she knows what the Father can do for His own children. But there are requirements to attain this internal peace, and this internal joy.

Jesus said, His peace is not of this world. We have to look at this by the way He was driven to the cross. His peace and joy were never shaken. He knew Who He was. He knew what He came to do, and was determined to accomplish it.

Where are we in our Christian identity? Are we affirmed that we are Christians? How is our inner peace? Are we fearful of the future?

If we are living the call of Blessed Mother, we would be unshaken by the events occurring around us, and becoming more active in witnessing our Christian vocation and way of life and standing up for God and defending Him as children would defend their parents if they are threatened. Keep in mind how the Lord comes to our rescue when we need him. Can’t we do just a little bit of the same? We all have a part in this plan. Time to act.

I hope we can see as we reflect more on this message the wisdom in these simple words. I could go on and on, but for the sake of the ready, I will continue as the Holy Spirit continues to unveil His wisdom in this word from Heaven. LIVE THE MESSAGE!



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