You are God’s Children

Dear children!  Listen to me.  I am your Mother...

You know dear friends, as a mother, I often feel like I sound like a broken record to my kids. I have to repeat to them over and over and say the same thing in different ways with the hope that it just might sink in.

And today I feel like I share the heart in this way of the Mother of God; who tirelessly, and repeatedly is saying the same thing to her children.

And boy, its just not sinking in is it as it would appear in this message given on 7/25/12? (see below)

“Dear children! Today I call you to the ‘good’. Be carriers of peace and goodness in this world. Pray that God may give you the strength so that hope and pride may always reign in your heart and life because you are God’s children and carriers of His hope to this world that is without joy in the heart, and is without a future, because it does not have its heart open to God who is your salvation. Thank you for having responded to my call.”

I was able to take some time today and rest on these words before the Most Blessed Sacrament as I often do after Holy Mass. Following is how the prayer went as I reflected on her words from heaven, as the Holy Spirit was giving counsel. And then the Lord spoke in my heart very profound. So take notice of the movement of Spirit as I prayed:

You are God’s children!
– Children reflect the face of their parents – you are to reflect the face of God to a world that does not know God and rejects God
– You are to be a reflection of HOPE and JOY to a world that is falling into despair and does not know joy.
– The children of God have the sword of the Spirit; the Word of God in them that will cut through the most hardened heart; and yes the truth hurts!


Do you embrace your identity in these words?
Can you say I am son/daughter of the living God with my whole heart?

I have spoken of this before my friends. Family honor is the word here. Take pride in your Family honor! Our Lady is not talking about sinful pride. No! She is talking about taking to heart the fact that you are God’s children, church!

Jesus the Son of God lived what a child of God looks like, and brings light into the world and to this day Jesus the Son of God is still rejected by sinners.

If you are truly God’s children; you will reflect the light and the love of Jesus as a way of life. If you have received grace and mercy poured into your heart, it is because He wants you to pour grace and mercy out into the world! Live it!

Our Lady has said on many occasions that this is a time of great graces, but also great is the responsibility on those who are receiving this grace. Be a witness, be a carrier, be a vessel be an apostle, a disciple. How many ways can our dear Mother repeat herself to get the message across?

Pour out what you have received you who call yourselves Children of God!

Our Lady does not mince words. The world is in a state of hopelessness. The hearts of men are hardened to God and do not want to receive God. It this is the direction we choose there is no hope for a future, plan and simple. The world cannot exist without God. It will self destruct.

Why is this so? What’s gone wrong here?

It is because God’s children have squandered the inheritance. God’s children are wasting the graces they are receiving and not spending his talents wisely, but burying the treasure they have received in the ground as if they can keep it for themselves. God’s children are spending the inheritance on a life of dissipation and those who do not know God see His children who live this way, who call themselves Catholic and follow in their footsteps along the path to perdition as condoning the sin.

This child has been dead, but has come to life again!

And then I heard the Lord in the depth of my Heart say:

“Blind guides! Be forewarned – shall you who have received without cost possess what is not yours? Do you fore sake the Divine Giver of gifts and posses the gift as if it belonged to you? From Whom does the treasures of the earth come forth? From Whom do all blessings come? And see how now, right before your very eyes how I begin to strip away O wicked and perverse generation.

Where are you my children? I look down upon the earth and the light is dim. Where are my chosen ones; those who say they are mine? Where are you hiding? Come forth that I may see you and let your light shine, that I may see the beauty and the colors of my creation once more.

Come forth my children; step out of darkness. Fix your gaze upon what is above. Behold! My hand extends out to reach you and uphold you in this hour. Draw from me, Jesus Christ; all that you need to sustain you. Be a light; a ray of hope…”

As this word came in prayer, I saw an image before my eyes.

‘Jesus crucified on the cross hovering over the earth with the darkness of space behind him. From His wounds rays of light burst forth and with His right hand He extended towards the earth as if He is summoning His people to come out of their houses into the streets to look up to Him in the heavens. Extending his hands as if it were an invitation from Him to join Him on the cross.

The rays burst forth from His wounds in His bloodied body and shoot out into the universe and to all parts of the earth, filling up the small little houses in what I hear Him say are called; “spiritual houses.”

I understand He is filling up our spiritual houses to be the carriers of peace and goodness to take the light into a darkened world that does not know Him or His love; and this grace that comes is won by uniting with Him on the cross all of our suffering and daily crosses.

Unite with me my spouse

For those who will say YES to Him, He will empower with strength as Our Lady said in this message, to be that sign of hope for those who do not know hope.’

Step out of yourselves children of God! Step out in faith! Fix your gaze upon Him Whom they have crucified and draw from him all that you need.

Lord empower us to be your children, the visible sign of hope and joy in the midst of this dark world that does not know you and soften the hearts of even the most hardened sinner and set ablaze the cold and lukewarm hearts and all who have rejected you and the gift of salvation.

There is still more to this message, yet for today this is the way the Lord has called me to write. For your own discernment, pray to comprehend the message. Do not just read it and put it aside. Pray to comprehend the message!


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