Death of a Wolf – The Affects of Sin on our souls

The world of today has become numb to sin

I pulled the following reflection from Sr. Emmanuel @ “Children of Medjugorje” and the cause of sin to the soul. Very enlightening.

Death of the Wolf.

On August 12th, an American priest illustrated a striking story in his homily, a kind of parable about how sin affects and harms the soul. “In Alaska, the Eskimos have a unique way of both living and protecting themselves. Now when there is a danger of wolves, the Eskimos go out and scope the area and its circumference where they have sighted the wolf. Then, they take a 10-12 inch blade, and they cover it in blood and they freeze it. Again they cover it with blood and freeze it. They do it a third and fourth time. Once this process is finished, they take the blade and visit the site where the wolf’s tracks have been located. They lodge the blade in the ground so that it cannot be moved, and they sprinkle blood around it in order to attract the wolf. Then they wait.

The wolf comes around. He likes what he sees and he likes what he smells. He first licks the blood on the snow. Attracted by what he tastes, he draws closer to the blade. He begins to lick it. He licks through the first layer and then through the second. By the time he reaches the third layer, his tongue becomes numb due to the ice. Little does he know what waits for him beneath that last layer of blood! He licks and licks without realizing that he begins to cut his tongue to pieces. By the time he finishes and takes one last gulp, he swallows his own tongue and inevitably chokes to death. The next day the Eskimos come and pick up the carcass and enjoy safety once again.”

Like wolves, we are attracted, affected and eventually destroyed by sin. We seek immediate pleasure – this is the problem of our society, which is especially affecting the youth. The media makes the habit of calling what is good, evil and what is evil, good. As the tongue of the wolf becomes numb by the frozen blood, in the same way the world of today has become numb to sin. People do not know what sin is anymore and do not recognize where evil is; they do not believe that sin exists. Sin is attractive. We like what we see. We like what we smell. We blindly follow our senses and in so doing we find the blade hidden there. Without Jesus in our life, before long, we will end up like the wolf.

Last May, Our Lady said, “I, as a mother, desire to save you from restlessness, despair and eternal exile. My Son, by His death on the Cross, showed how much He loves you; He sacrificed Himself for your sake and the sake of your sins. Do not keep rejecting His sacrifice and do not keep renewing His sufferings with your sins! Do not keep shutting the doors of Heaven to yourselves!” And in June,”My children, great is the responsibility upon you. I desire that by your example you help sinners regain their sight, enrich their poor souls and bring them back into my embrace. Therefore, pray, pray, fast and confess regularly. If receiving my Son in the Eucharist is the center of your life, then do not be afraid, you can do everything.

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