Vocation? – You May Choose

Dear children, I am your Mother

On 12/8/1981 (Feast of the Immaculate Conception) Our Lady answers the questions the visionaries had about their futures. Our Lady responded in this way:

“It would be good if all of you become priests and religious, but only if you desire it. You are free. It is up to you to choose. If you are experiencing difficulties or if you need something, come to me. If you do not have the strength to fast on bread and water, you can give up a number of things. It would be a good thing to give up television, because seeing some programs, you are distracted and unable to pray. You can give up alcohol, cigarettes, and other pleasures. You yourselves know what you have to do….”

Our Lady then knelt down, serious with Her hands extended. She prayed to Jesus: “My beloved Son, I beseech you to be willing to forgive the world its great sin through which it offends you.”

The following day again on 12/9/1981 while the visionaries were in prayer with Our Lady, she intervened and said, “Oh My Son Jesus, forgive these sins; there are so many of them.” The visionaries stopped and became silent and listened to her. She said, “Continue to pray, because prayer is the salvation of the people.”

While there are several reflections I could make on this message, I feel I have to address this in a different light, because many ask the question why the visionaries did not become religious or priests. I asked Mirjana this question personally in a private meeting with her on one occasion.

She responded the same way Our Lady addressed them in this message; that Our Lady preferred that they become priests and religious, but that they were free to choose.

Then Mirjana said after she chose the vocation of matrimony, Our Lady said to her that it would have been easier for her if she chose the religious life.

As one who is in the vocation of marriage, I concur with how Our Lady said, that religious life would be easier. Marriage is hard and a heavy cross to bear, and then add kids to the mix.

Yet on another occasion, Mirjana also said light-heartedly “lovingly carry your cross…”

How deeply understand why these visionaries chose the path of Holy Matrimony. It is a heavier cross to carry, living out ones salvation through another and dying to self every day.

If we have watched these witnesses to Our Lady’s visitations, they have sacrificed their lives solely for the Mother of God to bring her messages to the world at every cost. While they still have to live out the call themselves just like you and I in a very difficult vocation, the married life. And boy how many people judge them all over the world. What a cross they bear!

And immediately after Our Lady told them they were free to choose, Our Lady then began to speak about fasting and sacrifice, praying to her Son to forgive the sins of the world.

However, specifically she mentioned the vices of television, tobacco, and alcohol. All these vices that lead to sin.

Television she said is a distraction and it hampers ones ability to pray. It is a scientific fact that the Television is mind numbing and deadens certain parts of the brain. And look at all the imprints from visuals that come from television that are mind altering.

The Lord says in Matthews gospel that the eyes are the window to the soul. Put nothing before your eyes that will defile the light in your soul, to cut off anything that causes sin. I just posted an article about the dead wolf and the addiction to sin. It is safe to say in reference to that article television is a huge factor that plants the seeds of sin through its visual imagery that attacks the memory function of the brain.

And by look what we watch on television today. Absolute garbage! Garbage in, garbage out. And we wonder why our youth/ the world are the way they are today.

I have been in homes where a t.v. is in almost every room of the home, and children are permitted to sleep with the t.v running. Clearly shows who the god is of that home.

What is in the home to remind us of God? Is the bible as visible as the t.v? Do we have holy objects or holy pictures to remind us of God? Most homes I am sure are not.

Our homes our family life is called the domestic church. Having this in mind we should make them a visible home where God is welcome to show that God is at the center of our life.

Instead we make our homes a den of thieves, filled with vice and worthless items that have no value at all in perspective. Sure we humans put our own value to things of our own interests and become attached very easily to them; but how do we make the home ‘a house of prayer for all people?’

When all of this came to light in our family we began to learn through Our Lady how the god of t.v was influencing and controlling our family life, till ultimately the t.v. landed at the bottom of the driveway for the garbage man to pick it up.

We do not entertain cable, satellite or the bazillion channels of junk that people pay for. We watch movies together as family and choose what we desire to entertain ourselves with, but above and beyond at the forefront is prayer. We had to visibly choose to do this, and show God that we mean business and we were hearing and wanted to change our life in the family. That meant sacrificing what the world has idolized for a greater part of this passing generation.

All in all, if anyone is thinking about judging these men and woman who choose to give their lives up to serve the Lord, don’t be so quick to judge until you take care of business under your own roof first. As Our Lady said, “Forgive the sins of the world, they are so many.” We have our own house cleaning to take care of before we go peaking in others windows and judging them.

“…the eye is the lamp of the body. So if your eye is sound, your whole body will be full of light; but if your eye is not sound, your whole body will be full of darkness. If then the light in you is darkness, how great is the darkness!” (Mt. 22-23)

To God be the glory! Ave Maria!


2 Responses to “Vocation? – You May Choose”

  1. MariaLeonor Says:

    I would like to see more youth groups in the Church/Parishes so that our children and youth can participate. Where are our nuns and deacons. I do not see many nuns in our community trying to get groups going. Look at the other religions, they are out there evangelizing and having groups perform at the churches as well as knowing the bible verses. Lets get our parishes offering more programs and learning more about the Bible. Thank you.

    • herschooloflove Says:

      Agree – but more over we need families forming their children in the home as parents are the first teachers to their children. If families are living holiness in the home then we will have more holy vocations coming in the church.

      May Our Lady cover you and your parish community and give birth to a new creation a people set apart for God. Keep praying for the youth dear friend.

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