Urgent Call for the Prayer of Peace!

Jesus Lord of Peace in your mercy cover us with your mantle

Dear friends, I had posted this to e-mails, but forgot to post it to bloggers. Please pray for peace as indicated below:

Dear prayer companions:

For your own discernment.

Thought I would share, and maybe you all sense this already. If so, then take this as confirmation.

I received a message from Our Lady in this morning prayer before the Most Blessed Sacrament, and she said to take this message WITH ALL SERIOUSNESS, and to pray for peace, peace, peace (yes! Thrice!). That means Urgent.

I then saw how the enemy around the world was shouting the words, death to America and cursing America and Americans with these words. And how much more we need to pray the words, “God bless America” with the heart.

Our Lady said the seeds of war have been planted, and that she needs our prayer and fasting to avert destruction and of course, not counting the prayers needed for the pending election.

She said to unite with her when we pray in this time. I saw myself at the foot of the cross with her many of her children, gazing up to Jesus’ bloodied body in His final hour begging for the mercy of God in His Son. I understood this is how she wanted us to unite with her in prayer.

May the Lord continue to guide us through His Mother as we await the hour of victory.

God bless us all!

Our Lady gives the following message today in the same spirit of prayer:

“Dear children! Today I invite you in a special way to pray for peace. Dear children, without peace you cannot experience the birth of the little Jesus today or in your daily live. Therefore, beseech the Lord of Peace that He may protect you with His mantle and that He may help you to comprehend the greatness and importance of peace in your heart. In this way you shall be able to spread the peace from your heart throughout the whole world. I am with you and I intercede for you before God. Pray, because satan wants to destroy my plans for peace. Reconcile with one another and with your lives, help peace to reign on the entire earth. Thank you for having responded to my call.” (12/25/90)

Our Lady calls us to pray “in a special way” for peace. This is outside of the ordinary prayers we may make. This could be through novenas, fasting, penance and/or sacrifices. Increase your prayer, but as she said above take this call with seriousness.

Pray and ask Jesus, the Lord of Peace to cover you with HIS Mantle, and help us to comprehend the greatness of this call for peace. As we can see with the events unfolding in the world, how important this call is. It is clear that satan wants war, and is doing everything he can to plant the seeds of war and hatred in the hearts of men. Let the Spirit of Peace come, and reconcile anything that is unreconciled in your life.

Let us all hold each other up in this time of tribulation, and this world without peace. Ave Maria!

If you do not know how to pray, the Patriotic Rosary is available on this sight on the left side. Just click on the link attached. Pray it in your families, prayer groups or even yourself before the most Blessed Sacrament, and offer it for the gift of Peace.

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