Rouse the Warriors to Arms

Take up your weapons friends of warfare!

The Majority of America Chose Life

For your own prayer and discernment – But pray dear friends for the Spirit of Truth to come.

As I was in the presence of the Lord today, I began to question somethings that came to light as I woke up this morning, as I kept hearing a word from Our Lady that I had gotten in prayer four years ago about the fate of this nation. With Jesus today however I saw the above image come to light.

I asked the Lord how this election could have been won, if this map showed the majority of this nation colored in red (Romney). It shows that the nation did choose life, if this map was accurate.

I then was shown many things that indicated that there was deception in this election. I heard these words in my soul, “Yes, it is true and the enemy has been very crafty into deceiving many that he has the victory.”

I asked what He was going to do about this?

He said that He was going to expose the evil.

I asked how do you want “us” to pray?

The Lord responded in this way: “I have given you my Word thus far. Gather my people in prayer and continue to pray all the more, for I desire to tighten the belt of truth all the more. Offer continued prayer and sacrifices for this my intention and thus I shall stir up the hearts of my people against the oppressor.”

There are many signs indicating that this is set in motion with states starting to report voter fraud.

Remember the words of Our Lady on 11/2/12 just before the elections. “…I am praying that you may discern everything around you according to God’s truth and to strongly resist everything that wants to distance you from my Son…”

Faithful and True

I do not ask that you take just this Word, as this has come in my private prayer. But that you also pray, and ask the Lord to bring all deception to the light of Truth. Jesus said that the when the Holy Spirit comes, He will convict the world in truth. We need the Spirit of Truth to come and convict in truth. Remember, “hope does not disappoint”

Come Lord Jesus!

One Response to “Rouse the Warriors to Arms”

  1. herschooloflove Says:

    Dear Pete – no body said you had to believe this discernment from private prayer. In fact it was left for ones own private discernment in the post itself.

    However, if you paid attention during the elections it was very clear where the church stood on the elections. The United States bishops have made it clear that they oppose the current administration and its policies and have called them intrinsically evil. You are entitled to your opinions, as I am also entitled to mine outside of light given in prayer. If you choose not to listen, that is up to you.

    But you must also know there are consequences to the choices people make, good or bad, blessing or curse. God gives His people many signs to recognize Him and the truth. Blessed are the eyes that see, and the ears that hear, he says. You said you will not listen. You have made your choice.

    There is no fear of a black president, if it were the right black president. To vote for someone just because they are black or of color is not prudent in judgement. There would have been many other pro-life black men and women who would have been better suited for the position if you are looking at color and race. That is not our position, nor do we claim to be republican or democrat.

    I (we) our family are Christians before anything else. Our position is to live by the Commandments of God, and to choose those who will lead the people under the Sovereignty and protection of the governing Divine Law first and foremost which the constitution of the United States was founded on.

    This election was about choosing life or death. The choice between life or death could not have been made any more clear between the two candidates. And with all do respect sir, it is not those who are for life that are causing the division in the church as you accuse. The attacks are against the Church, Christianity, religious freedom and the commandments of God, if you haven’t noticed.

    A visionary of Medjugorje just said on 11/18 here in the United states. that we are to choose leaders for our governments who are open to life, put God in the first place. If you listen to the visionaries, Our Lady just said that satan is cunning and leading many hearts into perdition. Cunning is deception, and leading people through deception.

    We as a Christian people have this responsibility to uphold the Commandments of God. This is not about race sir. The current president has made his campaign about race however, which has rallied and targeted many groups. Yet sadly what the black people and those of other color do not realize that the genocide of abortion is targeted against them. Generations and generations of family lines are lost forever from the sin of abortion. Have you not heard that Jesus said, that He is a God of LIFE?

    I repeat, you don’t have to believe anything that is posted on this site, nor do you have to read it at all. But I do encourage you to study the Catechism of the Catholic Church of which you profess saying that you fear the Lord, and realize the gravity of the abomination sin through abortion, black or white or any other color, race or creed.

    May God bless you and your family,
    Her School of Love

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