Santa Cruz Media Statement for Fr. John Corapi

Keep praying for priests!

Statement of Santa Cruz Media, Inc. Relative to Fr. Corapi’s Suspension

Santa Cruz Media, Inc. is the owner of all of Fr. John Corapi’s intellectual property and the DVDs, CDs, and books that flow from it. We are a secular corporation and not affiliated with the Catholic Church in any way. As such, we are not under the jurisdiction of any bishop or other official in the Catholic Church, although we have the utmost respect for Church authority.

We fully support Rev. John Corapi in this terrible trial, not surprisingly having begun on Ash Wednesday. Through the sacrifice and struggle of the desert and all of the dark moments that this entails, we are confident that the glory of the risen Lord will shine forth from the power of the Resurrection and Easter.

We have consulted with a number of canon lawyers. They have assured us that the actions of the Bishop of Corpus Christi, Texas are, on several points of canon law, illicit. It is our fervent hope that The Dallas Charter will be changed because of false accusations like this. There is no evidence at this time that Fr. Corapi did anything wrong, only the unsubstantiated rant of a former employee, who, after losing her job with this office, physically assaulted me and another employee and promised to “destroy” Father Corapi. We all continue to pray for this person, and we ask you to do the same.

We sincerely believe that the work Fr. Corapi has done is of greatest value to the Church, hence hated by the devil. We fully intend to make Fr. Corapi’s material available as a service to the Church and the world for as long as we possibly can.

The Church provides no financial support to Fr. Corapi. He has to pay for his own legal representation, medical costs, food, housing, etc. We have never accepted donations or charitable contributions of any kind. We are supporting Father’s efforts to defend himself. Your purchase of products from Santa Cruz Media helps provide the funding for Father’s continued work as well as the legal expenses he continues to incur as a result of these malicious allegations.

Father Corapi and all of us here at Santa Cruz Media, Inc. greatly appreciate your kindness, support, and prayers. Please continue to pray for Father Corapi and his accuser, as well as all priests who find themselves in this unfortunate situation.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Bobbi Ruffatto
Vice President of Operations
Santa Cruz Media, Inc

Prayer for Fasting by Fr. Slavko Barbaric

"I will lead her into the desert and speak to her heart..." Hos. 2:16

From the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Part 2, Sec. V “The Many Forms of Penance in Christian Life” – CCC #1434 – 1442

Our Lady’s call:

“I would like the world to pray with me these days. As much as possible, to fast strictly on Wednesdays and Fridays, to pray every day at least the Rosary, the joyful, sorrowful and glorious mysteries…”

(note this message was given on 8/14/84 prior to the addition of the Luminous mysteries. One Rosary contains all of the given mysteries of the Church. Our Lady calls for the whole Rosary in all four parts to be prayed each day whenever possible).


O Lord God, Creator of all creation and my Creator, today we give you thanks for having arranged the world so wonderfully. Thank you for having given fertility to mother earth so that she may bear all kinds of fruit. Thank you for the food prepared from the fruits of the earth. Father, I rejoice in your creatures. I rejoice in all the fruits today, and I thank you. Thank you for our daily food and drink.

Father, thank you for having made my body in such a way as to be able to use the fruits of the earth and so develop and serve you. Thank you Father for all those who through their work, produce new life possibilities. Thank you for those who have much and give away to others. Thank you for all who are hungry for heavenly bread while eating this earthly bread.

Father thank you also for those who have nothing to eat today, for I am convinced that you will send them help through good people. Father, today I decide to fast. In doing so, I do not despise your creatures. I do not renounce them, I only want to rediscover their value. I decide for fasting because your prophets used to fast, because Jesus Christ fasted and so did his apostles and disciples. I especially decide for fasting because your servant Mother Mary fasted too. She called me to fasting.

“Dear children, today I invite you to start fasting with the heart. There are a lot of people who fast because others do so. Fasting is a habit nobody wants to give up. I ask the parish to fast out of gratitude that God allowed me to stay in this parish so long. Dear children, fast and pray with the heart. Thank you for having responded to my call.” (9/20/84)

Father I present this day of fasting to you. Through fasting I want to listen to and live your word more. I want during this day to learn to be turned more toward you, in spite of all the things that surround me. With this fast that I take upon myself freely, I pray to you for all who are hungry and who because of their hunger have become aggressive.

I present you this fast for PEACE in the world. Wars come because we are attached to material things and are ready to kill each other because of them.

Father I present to you this fast for all those who are totally tied down to material things so that they are unable to see any other values. I ask you for all those who are in conflict because they have become blind in what they possess. Father open our eyes through fasting to what you give us to what we have. I am also sorry for the blindness which has taken hold of my senses so that I do not give thanks for the goods I have. I repent every misuse of material goods because I used to judge their value wrongly.

Make me able, through this fast today, to see you and the people around me better. Enable me to hear your word better. Through todays fasting, let love for you and for my neighbor grow in me. Father I decide to live on bread and water today that I may better understand the value of heavenly bread, and the presence of your Son in the Eucharist. Let my faith and trust grow through fasting. Father I decide for fasting and accept it because I know that in this way my longing for you will grow in me. Eagerly and with gratitude do I think of your Son’s words: How blessed are the poor in spirit, the reign of God is theirs.

Father make me poor before you. Grant me grace that through fasting I may understand how much I need you. Grant that through fasting my desire for you may grow, that my heart may long for you as the deer longs for the running waters and the desert for the clouds of rain. Father, I pray to you, grant that through this fast my understanding of the hungry and the thirsty of those who do not have enough of material goods, may especially grow. Help me see what I do not need but possess, that I may give it up for the benefit of my brothers and sisters.

O Father I especially pray to you. Grant me the grace to become aware that I am but a pilgrim on this earth, that when passing away to the other world I shall not take anything with me but love and good deeds. Let the awareness grow within me that even when I possess something I cannot call it my own for I have only received it from you to manage it. Father grant me grace that through fasting I may become more humble and more willing to do your will.

Cleanse me of my selfishness and haughtiness. Through this fast cleanse me of all bad habits and calm down my passions, and let virtue increase in me. Let the depth of my soul open to your grace through this fast so that it may totally affect and cleanse me. Help me to be always like your Son, in trials and temptations, to resist every temptation, so as to be able to serve you and seek your Word more and more, day after day.

Blessed Mother, you were free in your heart and bound to nothing except the Father’s will. Obtain by prayer the grace of a joyful fast for me today, in which my heart will be able to sing with you a thanksgiving song. Obtain by prayer the grace for me that my decisions to fast may be firm and lasting. And I offer for all people, the difficulties and the hunger I am going to feel today. Mary, my Mother, pray for me. Let every evil and temptation of satan stay away from me today through your intercession and through the power of your protection. Teach me dear Mother to fast and to pray that day after day I may become more and more like you and your Son, Jesus Christ in the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Below are other reflections about Fasting and prayer from Our Lady…

“Dear children! Today I call you to come closer to my Immaculate Heart. I call you to renew in your families the fervor of the first days when I called you to fasting, prayer and conversion. Little children, you accepted my messages with open hearts, although you did not know what prayer was. Today I call you to open yourselves completely to me so that I may transform you and lead you to the heart of my Son Jesus, so that He can fill you with His love. Only in this way, little children will you find true peace, the peace that only God give you. Thank you for having responded to my call.” (10/25/98)

“The best fast is on bread and water. Through fasting and prayer, one can stop wars, one can suspend the laws of nature. Charity cannot replace fasting. Those who are not able to fast can sometime replace it with prayer, charity and a confession; but everyone except the sick must fast.”

“… Excuse me for this, but you must realize that satan exists. One day he appeared before the throne of God and asked permission to submit the Church to a period of trial. God gave him permission to try the Church for one century. This century is under the power of the devil, but when the secrets confided to you come to pass, his power will be destroyed. Even now he is beginning to lose his power and has become aggressive. He is destroying marriages, creating division among priests and is responsible for obsessions and murder. you must protect yourselves against these things through fasting and prayer, especially community prayer. Carry blessed objects with you. Put them in your house and restore the use of holy water…” (this message was given to Pope John Paul II in a letter from Mirjana in December 1982…)

“…today I invite you to pray for peace. At this time, peace is threatened in a special way and I am seeking from you to renew fasting and prayer in your families. Dear children, I desire you to grasp the seriousness of the situation and that much of what will happen depends on your prayers, and you are praying a little bit! Dear children, I am with you and i am inviting you to begin to pray and fast seriously as in the first days of my coming…” (7/25/91)

“…be joyful carriers of peace and love in this peaceless world. By fasting and prayer, witness that you are mine and that you life my messages. Pray and seek! I am praying before God that you convert; that you life and behavior always be Christian. Thank you for having responded to my call.” (4/25/99)

“…Your Savior is here with you. What prevents your hearts from receiving Him? What all is false within them? Purify them by fasting and prayer. Recognize and receive my Son. He alone gives you true peace and true love. The way to eternal life is He, my Son! Thank you.” (1/2/06)

“when you fast anoint your head and wash your face, so that you may not appear to the others to be fasting, except to your Father who is hidden. And your Father who sees what is hidden will repay you….” (Matthew 6:17-18)

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Week 1 – Lenten Exercise; Setting out on the Journey

This is my beloeved Son in whom I am well pleased...


Try to Begin on Ash Wednesday. This exercise will continue through the GREAT FEAST OF DIVINE MERCY SUNDAY!

Do not begin this exercise without the help of the Holy Spirit. Pray every day for the Holy Spirit to come with His gifts, especially for the Spirit of Truth, that the Word spoken is taken into the heart in fullness of truth.

We will post these exercises week by week.

Remember we are walking with Jesus and Mary in the desert and with several hundred others who are joining us. You are not alone.

Each day you will find short scriptures to reflect with, along with the words of Jesus through Divine Mercy and Our Lady. Use these reflections as if both Jesus and Mary are speaking to you in the present moment as you would with Sacred Scripture.

It is best to record and dialog with the Lord and/or Blessed Mother with each reflection and scripture. And review at the end of the week what has come out of your thoughts and your heart. Begin to focus on areas that are repeated often, or things the Lord may reveal about you, or himself. God always speaks in repetition when He is conveying His Word, and what He desires to accomplish.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church paragraph(s) are provided for your reference to seek a deeper understanding of the faith and can be used at any time during this week.

This exercise may also be put to use with your family prayer and/or prayer groups. A member of the family or prayer group may keep a log of the family’s sharing time with the reflections and the scriptures given. This is an excellent way to see how the Holy Spirit is moving in your domestic church or within your parish.

Please remember, we are all on this journey together in this walk of faith with God. Feel free to share your experience through these exercises on this post, so that others can see that they are not alone on this journey through the desert. You may experience things or hear a Word from God that may inspire another soul. As the psalmist says, “Encourage each other daily while it is still today…

Tips to help you in your journey when you thirst through the desert….

Keep a balanced diet each day of your Lenten sacrficies and time with God. No time given to God is ever wasted, even if it were just for a few moments of the day. The Lord can multiply the grace of time as He desire for you.

In your fasting and penances, make note of your successes and failures as you see yourself in growth with the Spirit. It will help encourage you when the journey in the desert feels taxing and your are quenched with thirst. Let God love you as the gift you are!

Most important make time for Eucharistic Adoration a minimum of 1 hour a week; more if possible; and holy mass daily if possible as your schedule permits. Frequent the Sacrament of Reconciliation as often as you feel called…there is no limit to God’s Mercy for a soul that is open to His mercy.

Week 1 – Setting out on the Journey

Passing through Your Baptismal Gifts – CCC 538-550

This week pray for the gifts of your baptismal graces to be renewed in your heart, and to experience the love of God for you.

Week 1 – Daily Meditation:

“Dear children! Today I call you to unite with Jesus in prayer. Open your heart to Him and give Him everything that is in it; joy, sorrows, and illnesses. May this be a time of grace for you. Pray, little children, and may every moment belong to Jesus. I am with you and I intercede for you. Thank you for having responded to my call.” (3/25/02)

Day 1

“…today again I invite you to pray, so that through prayer, fasting and small sacrifices you may prepare yourself for the coming of Jesus…” (11/25/96)

“My daughter, be always like a little child toward those who represent Me, otherwise you will not benefit from the graces I bestow on you through them.” (Diary 1260)

Matt. 13:17, 1 Cor. 6:19, Gal. 4:6, John 17:22-23, 1 Pet. 1:3

Day 2

“…May this time, little children be a time of grace for you. Use every moment and do good for only in this way will you feel the birth of Jesus in your hearts…” (11/25/96)

“…You see my daughter that my will must be done and that which I had promised you, I shall do. Through him I spread comfort to suffering and careworn souls. Through him it pleased me to proclaim the worship of my mercy. And through this work of mercy more souls will come close to me than otherwise would have even if he had kept giving absolution day and night for the rest of his life, because by so doing he would have labored only for as long as he lived; whereas, thanks to this work of mercy, he will be laboring till the end of the world…” (Diary 1256)

Luke 11:2-4, Matt. 18:3, Rom. 5:2-5, Col. 1:24-27

Day 3

“…If with your life you give an example and become a sign of God’s love, joy will prevail in the hearts of men. Thank you for having responded to my call.” (11/25/96)

“…I desire to unite myself with human souls: My greatest delight is to unite Myself with souls…” (Diary 1385)

1 Peter 3:15-17, Ps. 119:49, Ps. 119:81, Matt. 17:5, John 6:63-69

Day 4

“Dear children! Today I am with you in a special way, holding little Jesus in my lap and I invite you, little children to open yourselves to His call. He calls you to joy. Little children, joyfully live the messages of the Gospel, which I am repeating in the time since I am with you…” (12/25/96)

“…Know my daughter, that when I come to a human heart in holy Communion, my hands are full of all kinds of graces which I want to give to the soul. But souls do not even pay any attention to me; they leave me to myself and busy themselves with other things. Oh how sad I am that souls do not recognize Love! They treat me like a dead object…” (Diary 1385)

John 15:9-10, John 16:13, Eph. 1:16-18, John 8:27-29, John 7:37-39

Day 5

“…Little children, I am your Mother and I desire to reveal to you the God of love and the God of peace. I do not desire for your life to be in sadness but that it be realized in joy for eternity, according to the Gospel. Only in this way will your life have meaning. Thank you for having responded to my call.” (12/25/96)

“…as you are united with me in life, so will you be united at the moment of death…” (Diary 1552)

Ex. 34:29-30, John 10:29-30, Matt. 5:3-9, Rom. 12:9-18

Day 6

“Today in a special way, I invite you to take the cross in the hands and to meditate on the wounds of Jesus. Ask of Jesus to heal your wounds, which you dear children during your life sustained because of your sins or the sins of your parents. Only in this way, dear children will you understand that the world is in need of healing of faith in God the Creator. By Jesus’ passion and death on the cross, you will understand that only through prayer you too can become true apostles of faith, when in simplicity and pray, you live faith which is a gift. Thank you for having responded to my call.” (3/25/97)

“Write down everything that occurs to you regarding my goodness…” (Diary 1605)

Phil. 4:11-14, 1 John 3:2, Isaiah 43:1-4, Jer. 29:11-13, Matt. 28:19-20

Day 7 Review

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Lent- 40 Days in the Desert – Are we Ready?

Jesus went up to the mountain to pray...

Lent is speedily approaching, and we have been given firm and clear direction of the Mother of God of what needs to be done this Lenten season. That is to work on our conversion for a new growth to spring forth in our hearts; (from her message of 2/25/11) and with fasting and prayer to strengthen our spirits to be able to do what she is asking of us in our conversion, so that we can live as her apostles of love.

There have been a few inquiries made to me about the spiritual practices that I live and what we live in our family together to help us grow in holiness. I am going to share some of the things that we will be doing as a family in later posts.

I have been getting inspirations of spiritual exercises to work on in my own conversion for the coming weeks of the Lenten season. God bless my family, as they usually work these exercises with me, and we are able to faith share in our evening prayer time and grow together in faith.

These will be exercises to use every day, based on daily scripture readings as we use them as the Word of God speaking to us directly to our hearts; along with the Catechism of the Catholic Church. We will also incorporate the messages of our Lady, and some reflections from the saints. Through them it will be easy to see how walking with Our Lady and her Son, will be the quickest and fasted way out of the desert and defeating areas of sin in us.

We strongly recommend to frequent the sacrament of reconciliation to obtain the sacramental grace of Jesus to conquer and win small victories, pecking away at the vices and sin within.

This will be used on a daily basis during the 40 days of Lent, as the stones needed to fight the big Goliath sin in our hearts.

I hope you will join us on this journey together in these coming forty days, and maybe even dialog and faith share your experiences through these exercises as we get them posted. Let us know how you are doing, and we can all pray for each other.

This is a time to experience the love of God, and our opportunity to be reconciled with Him in the areas He desires to purge in us.

We are not leading ourselves, but the Holy Spirit will lead us into the desert as He did with Jesus. (Luke 4:1-2)

We will be tried and reproved to help make us stronger to defeat the sin in ourselves, just as the Lord was tempted in His weak moments. There is nothing to fear, for God will be our strength and Our Lady is with us every step of the way as she was with her Son on the way of the Cross. You will be able to experience the Lord in a way you did not know could be possible. Do not take your eyes off of Jesus or Mary; this is where you will draw your strength, and where you will find countless oasis of peace to quench your thirst.

Let us hold each other up, and any trials we may encounter, let us offer them up for each other to help us all make the Passover into the resurrection of a new way of life with God!

Hear the encouraging words of Our Lady as we begin to embark on this journey…

“Dear children! Also today, I call you to open yourselves to prayer. Especially now, in this time of grace, open your hearts little children and express your love to the Crucified. Only in this way will you discover peace, and prayer will begin to flow from your heart into the world. Be an example little children, and an incentive for the good. I am close to you and I love you all. Thank you for having responded to my call.” (3/25/04)


As we begin to contemplate with the Lord the areas that we will be battling in ourselves, I ask that you give some thought to the following.

I heard an awesome homily this morning about the need for fasting and prayer. It was a recording from a former priest who has since passed away. And the way he spoke about the times we are in, it was like the light bulb just clicked for me, and I said to myself, ‘that makes perfect sense…”

I hope I can do it justice and articulate what this beautiful priest said.

The homily was from the scripture in Luke’s gospel chapter 11:23-26 which says, “He who is not with me is against me, and he who does not gather with me scatters. When an unclean spirit has gone out of a man he passes through waterless places seeking rest; and finding none he says, ‘I will return to my house from which I came.’ And when he comes he finds it swept and put into order. Then he goes and brings seven other spirits more evil than himself and they enter and dwell there, and the last state of that man becomes worse than the first.”

The priest began to explain that there are now in the world today perfect possessions. There are people who willingly and knowingly choose satan and evil, and will these spirits into their being. Sick to imagine, but this is a fact.

But the worst situation right now for the Church is those baptized Christians, who are not living their baptismal promises. Keep in mind, that the rite of Baptism is an exorcism rite in the Catholic Church. For this purpose we are going to talk about the baptized Christian who has fallen from faith, and these of the ones Our Lady is sad about as she just spoke on 3/2/11.

Because of their willingness to reject their faith and their God by choosing worldly things and human ways, from their original state as baptized into the life of Christ, their current state of their soul is worst than their former state says this priest. In other words, they are willfully permitting evil spirits to enter their minds and hearts, because of their way of life and rejecting their baptismal life in Christ from the beginning.

In this scripture quoted, Jesus spoke of seven other spirits more evil than the former way which enter the man who is in this state. It could be that these seven spirits are seven capital sins, which most often are usually behind the driving force of all inherited sin in men from the beginning, but in a worst condition in the human person that rejects their baptismal promises.

This priest said, that any focus in ministry today, should be directed specifically at spiritual warfare ministry. And the way to defeat this battle is through fasting and prayer… “certain spirits only come out through fasting and prayer…” said Jesus to his apostles. And it is the same that Our Lady is saying to her apostles.

Countless times in sacred scripture the Lord had called the people to proclaim a fast. Armies fasted before the entered into battle with the enemy. And of course what we practice is for this Lenten season celebrating the forty days of Jesus in the desert who fasted and prayed to strengthen Him for His public mission.

Jesus was going to contend with not only sin in the desert, but He would come face to face with the many faces of satan and evil in His public mission. Empowered and strengthened by the Holy Spirit, He cast out evil, and His apostles did the same in His name throughout the book of Acts, throughout all of the Church fathers accounts.

Today is not any different. Only in this time of grace and mercy today, Jesus wants to encounter every individual heart. This battleground is in every human person in one way or another. It is time to make more room for Jesus to gain territory in the heart so He can conquer the evil and sin in us. There is nobody on this earth that is an exception. It does not matter how far advanced you may think of yourself as one growing in grace…you are already operating in your pride if you think so.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC) says this (paraphrase), “Jesus’ call to conversion and penance is like the prophets before Him, does not aim at the outward signs like the sackcloth and ashes, fasting and mortification; but of the conversion of the heart, interior conversion….interior conversion is a radical reorientation of our whole life, a return, a conversion to God with all our heart and an end to sin turning away from evil with hatred for the sin we have committed; the human heart is hardened and God wants to give a new heart… (CCC 1430-32)

Can men do horrible things? Absolutely!

Let’s look at the baptized person who is under the influence of evil and habitual sin for example, steeped in darkness, doing evil deeds that is incomprehensible to themselves and to other human beings. They are driven by evil, and building evil upon evil, plagued, bound and chained to the evil, not knowing how to conquer it.

These are some of the major sins of the world today that are committed against the human body, and this list is not all inclusive; pornography, contraception, or other forms of sterilization, homosexuality, concentration camps (with wars); biotechnology, adultery (post marital sex outside of marriage, fornication (pre-marital sex); prostitutions, abortion, terrorist attacks such as blowing up the human body or directed at other human beings; cloning, experimentation on human beings, abuses, masturbation, and exploitation or immodest effects of the media that promotes such things.

We are so ingrained in these vices no one gives it any thought that it these are grave and moral offenses against God and His Commandments. We have made these practices a way of life which is even worst.

In both the gospel of Matthew and Luke, the scripture says, “…your eye is the light lamp of the body; when your eye is sound, your whole body is full of light, but when it is not sound, your body is full of darkness, therefore be careful lest the light in you be darkness. If then your whole body is full of light, having no part dark, it will be wholly bright as when a lamp with its rays gives you light…” (Luke 11)

What are the things we are viewing most in our every day life?

The eyes are the window through to the soul. If we are viewing things on a regular basis filled with filth and disgust and all kinds of darkness, the mind and the heart are being filled with such darkness; which then bring thoughts to the conscience and sub-conscience evil thoughts, which are eventually acted out upon.

Children are at great risk today, because of the forms of media and entertainment they are exposed to, and parents are allowing them to view such things, thinking nothing of it. Parents are responsible for guarding and protecting the purity and innocence of their children and not to expose them to such darkness. Is it no wonder Our Lady says that parents are teaching their children the “wrong way” and leading them to perdition?

It all needs to be cut off. Adults aren’t any stronger in the spirit and willfully allow these vices through media to enter the homes. And then they wonder why their lives have become such upheaval and such a mess.

The human race is in a need of a new baptism of the Holy Spirit. A new Pentacost; or should I say a double dose of the Holy Ghost!

Our Lady said in January 2011 that the Holy Spirit is a work in the world through those who have said yes to her. The Holy Spirit is going to kick up the dust so to say, and begin to stir up a lot of things inside the human heart, bringing to light what must go!

As the great prophet St. John the Baptist said, “I must decrease, so that he may increase in me. Prepare the way of the Lord, make straight his path…” Where ever you find Our Lady, you will find the Holy Spirit. And when the great spouse of the Mother of God are united in one, Jesus Christ will be made incarnate in the flesh in your human body. Our Lady is determined to make it so, that Jesus become visible in you.

Christians must live their baptismal promises, that is to REJECT satan, vice and sin and all evil. And take up prayer, fasting and renunciation to defeat and conquer all darkness.
Our Lady often calls us to fasting with the heart. This could be in way of behavior and/ or attitudes, such as works of charity or mercy done in love…FIRST IN THE HOME
and then out to others. Yes husbands and wives, this means with your spouses first!

Charity begins in the home, and needs to be modeled for your children as much.

Consecrate yourselves to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and to the Sacred Heart of Jesus daily. The St. Louis deMonfort total consecration prayer and formula is a great way to learn how to renounce sin.

For this purpose, we will close at this time, and will continue in other postings for further reflections. And look forward to the upcoming spiritual exercises for the Lenten practices coming soon.

“…this rather is the fasting that I wish; release those bound unjustly, untying the thongs of the yoke; setting the oppressed free, breaking every yoke, sharing your bread with the hungry, sheltering the oppressed and the homeless, clothing the naked when you see them, and not turning your back on your own. Then your light shall break forth like the dawn and your wound shall be quickly healed. Your vindication shall go before you, and the glory of the LORD shall be your rear guard. Then you shall call the Lord and He will answer you. You will cry for help and He will say, ‘here I am!’” (Isaiah 58:6-9)

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Medj. Message of 3/2/11-They are walking to eternal perdition…

Do not walk the path to perdition...

Latest Special Medjugorje Message, March 2, 2011 – Our Lady’s apparitions to Mirjana

“Dear children; My motherly heart suffers tremendously as I look at my children who persistently put what is human before what is of God; at my children who, despite everything that surrounds them and despite all the signs that are sent to them, think that they can walk without my Son. They cannot! They are walking to eternal perdition. That is why I am gathering you, who are ready to open your heart to me, you who are ready to be apostles of my love, to help me; so that by living God’s love you may be an example to those who do not know it. May fasting and prayer give you strength in that and I bless you with motherly blessing in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Thank you. ”

Our Lady was very sad.

Pre-Lenten Reflection: New Life Bud’s Forth

Before my Son Jesus I intercede for your conversion

“Dear children, nature is awakening and on the trees the first buds are seen which will bring most beautiful flowers and fruit. I desire that you also little children work on your conversion and that you be those who witness with their life, so that your example may be a sign and an incentive for conversion to others. I am with you and before my Son Jesus I intercede for your conversion. Thank you for having responded to my call.” (2/25/11)

My dear friends, this message speak very deeply to my soul, as most of them do, however this one is hitting me right where I am at.

You see, about six months ago, there was an event in our community area that caused a lot of upheaval for many of us. At this time, just before the upheaval our Lady spoke to the world and said that we her children were not humble enough, and that we needed to work on our conversions then, and work more towards humility. Many of us heard this loud and clear as we watched the events unfold.

Well this of course means pride has to go right? For many of us, we’ve been very humbled and very quickly as we witnessed those who were held in the esteem in the eyes of many fall from grace. And realizing how quickly God can remove a blessing for habitual sin.

Many of us during this time of prayer have been scattered and called into a new way of solitude, but that towards working on our Christian vocations which is our path to heaven. I have been writing about this in these postings if you have been following along. I can say for us, it has all come with tremendous blessings and fruit.

But at this time when the trial came some of us were in prayer and we were given an image of the season we were in, which was the fall. The leaves were falling to the ground, the seeds of the season fell to the ground to die and to shed its life, and all of creation was going into hibernation, or a deep sleep.

But the image continued and showed that when creation was going into its deep sleep, just like Adam when He awoke there would be a new creation, that is that the new spring time would blossom and a new foilage of flowers and leaves would come forth with all its brilliant colors, as it moved into the summer season again.

And here today, Blessed Mother begins her message as if she is showing us that she is continuing the work in us. She has repeated over the past few months that she is praying for us before her Son, for certain intentions.

This month is no different. She is still praying for us but for this month, she is praying before Jesus her Son that we receive the gift of conversion of heart. She is asking Jesus to give us the grace so that we can change our hearts.

Now this morning, again I prayed this message in the same light, and with this same understanding as I was led by the Holy Spirit. Today however the image came immediately where I saw Jesus crucified and our Lady standing beneath the cross interceding, begging Him to forgive the sins of the world and asking Him to convert hearts.

Behind Our Lady I saw a great number of people, however many of them were not looking at Jesus crucified, but look past Him as if they did not see Him, while some had their eyes on Him. It spoke to me of the unawareness of men who do not comprehend the magnitude of the greatest gift given to the world, and who do not even care that He gave His life for our salvation.

Today our Lady is still praying for us, that is her children that we comprehend the greatness of her coming to the world; and the greatness of the gift of her Son and what He did for our salvation. She is praying that we all should stand beside her and gaze upon our God who looks at us today and says, “See I have endured this for you my bride. See how much I love you…”

And like most marriages today, many spouses do not appreciate the love of their other spouse and take them for granted as we are doing this day with our mystical spouse.

The other day when I prayed this message as all of this was coming to light, Our Lady gave me the following words from a previous message on 2/17/89. The message said this:

“Dear children, tonight I don’t ask you to do anything special. I only with you to begin to live my messages. Dear children, I seek your action, not your words! You are happy when I give you a beautiful message, but live the message I give. May each message be for you a new growth. Take THIS message into your life, in this way you will grow in life. Your Mother cannot give you other messages if you don’t live the ones I already give you. Begin tonight to live the messages.”

For me on this day, it was convicting, and I felt like a sword pierced my heart. I know full well there are specific areas in my heart that I need to change. I know that I still need to continue on with my conversion, and there are some very visible areas in my vocation that I need to work on in growing in love and in virtue.

Lent is quickly approaching. It is a time to work on changing the heart, and stripping away through penance and fasting, what is displeasing to God. We have the full six weeks of Lent to work on each day that one area of the heart that needs either healing, conversion or a way to expand it more in love. To stretch ones heart is to go beyond ones comfort zone in an extraordinary way.

But in order to make something a way of life, it needs practice to do so. This is what Lent is for us. It is not about giving up the chocolate and the dessert or smoking just for that window of six weeks. It is about giving up that vice for your life as a way of life, in a way of dying to yourself, to grow closer to God.

I know this, but living it is another story. And here Our Lady said, I do not seek your word, she wants to see it done and lived out. Ouch, there is the sword! Now I have to do something about it right? When heaven reveals something of yourself, you have to do something about it, because if you don’t, well I think we all know what happens next.

So many times the dear Mother has convicted me this way. We cannot flock to be there for an apparition, and then just walk away saying, “Oh that was nice, or I experienced this or that…” No! We have to take to heart what was said, what was spoken to us in this time, and put it to life. Sometimes its easy, and others it is much harder, and will take more collective reflection to understand the meaning in our own personal life.

Just like the message she just gave to the world speaking about the trees budding forth, the above message she just gave me is no different but enhances the meaning behind the 2/25/11 message. She said,

“… but live the message I give. May each message be for you a NEW GROWTH. Take THIS message into your life, in this way you will grow in life.”

Isn’t this the same as her describing the new spring coming forth? She desires a new growth to come forth for us, to go deeper into our conversion, and to remove sin.

She is not going to tell us anything new. Every message has the same core meaning of prayer, penance, fasting, conversion, living the bible, and holy mass. All of this is pointing towards her Son, Jesus Christ. But apparently we still aren’t doing as she asked in the full context of what heaven desires for us.

Let us go back to her message again on 2/25/11. She also said,

“…work on your conversion and that you be those who witness with their life, so that your example may be a sign and an incentive for conversion to others…”

Now I can witness to this personally, as I learned throughout my journey and path of conversion, that I had to change first. It was not until after I began to change that I began to make visible changes in my family, with my children, and my spouse. This was not easy, and I will not make light of the fact that in general we as human creatures do not like to change. We are comfortable in our sin, because that is what we have grown used to.

The older we are the harder it is. For children in formation years it is much easier, because their hearts are open. But as they grow older, it gets tougher especially for teens to have the desire to sit down and pray, and attend holy mass often. Teens want to be out with the rests who appear to be partying and having a good time. However most teens are at the lonliest because they do not have parents or strong peers who walk with them in light, and they sit in darkness, roping others into their misery, and numbing their pain. And in most cases, parents aren’t even aware of what is going on in the hearts of their teens. Nor are they aware that most of them are already sexually active, and medicating themselves in excess with drugs or alcohol on a regular basis.

But my friends, living this message is not an option, this is required! What do I mean by this?

It is not any different for someone who wants to get good at something, such as a sporting event, or even let’s say dieting. A change of life style needs to occur right?

If you are practicing a sport, your are going to get better at the sport your are enjoying, right. Or if you want to lose weight, you need to implement a diet plan to stick to, and an exercise schedule right? All for conditioning and getting into shape either way. Isn’t it most often in the spring when the weather changes for those who live north of the sunbelt that is, that we begin a new to condition our bodies from the winter weight?

Well it is the same for your human spirit, the interior part of your being.

In Romans chapter 8, it says the body is opposed to the spirit, and the flesh has desires against the spirit. And if we live by the flesh, we are opposed to God. In order to strengthen the spirit, the flesh needs to become weaker than the spirit. Jesus already told us that our spirits are willing, but our flesh is weak.

So how do we help our spirit overcome our flesh desires? We need spiritual exercise!

We need a spiritual routine so to say to get our Christian practice back into shape. This will take a full conscientious effort to do so on our part. It does not come naturally easy, because we are naturally inclined to sin. We must work at not to sin.

Here’s another scenario; let’s take a small child. Is a small child naturally living good behavior all the time, or does a child naturally get itself into trouble. How many times does a parent have to tell a toddler, no, no, no…? And then the parent has to correct the actions of the child right?

To do good, one has to be taught the right way in how to do good. Blessed Mother has made it very clear that the world is headed for destruction. For her it is like witnessing a small child running out into the street in the middle of a highway. A child is going to get hurt, unless the mother stops the child from running into the street.

She was sent into the world, to stop the children from getting hurt, or in this case from death, eternal death that is. And now she is teaching us how to be good little children to please the Eternal Father. Just the way she taught Jesus. Like a good Mother, she will fulfill her duties in her maternal vocation as God has ordained her to do, to make sure her children come out of the darkness and into the light to be with her in heaven.

Dear friends, this world is passing. We are in this world only for a short time. Our final home is heaven. But what we do on this earth will determine if we finish the journey and enter the promise land. Remember, not everyone entered the promise land. It was only those who persevered and were faithful to God and lived His commandments.

We are in a special time. A time in history that has never occurred in the world since the beginning of creation. 30 years of apparitions of the Mother of God to the world. It has taken all of the 30 years, to begin to convert this world, and we are not finished yet.

Take heed the words of the Mother of God with great seriousness. If God so much in His mercy has allowed her to come to the world for this long, and we as a people on this earth do not take it with seriousness, I don’t even want to begin to imagine what the consequences will be in the end when all is completed.

Now is the time to come out of the darkness, and seek the light of God. There is no more room for those who are on the fence. Now is the time of decision. Choose life that it may go well with you.

Ave Maria!

“You know the time in which we are living. It is now the hour for you to wake from sleep, for our salvation is closer than when we first accepted the faith. The night is far spent; the day draws near. Let us cast off deeds of darkness and put on the armor of light. Let us live honorably as in daylight; not in carousing and drunkenness, not in sexual excess and lust, not in quarreling and jealousy. Rather put on the Lord Jesus Christ and make no provision for the desires of the flesh…” (Romans 13:11-14)

“Holy Family Workshop, Tools for Today’s Marriage and Family, Living the message of Medjugorje through scripture”

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New book by Journalist, reports over 600 healings in Medjugorje

I am your Mother

Through the years, we have supported a number of apparitions — in Ukraine, in Venezuela, in Wisconsin, in Africa, in Egypt, in France, in Portugal, and a goodly assortment of other places. Among those is also Medjugorje in Bosnia-Hercegovina, which has not yet been approved by the Vatican but is currently under study by a special papal commission.

Obviously, we will strictly adhere to whatever that commission (which took the matter over from a national commission in Hercegovina) eventually decides. Recently, one member of the special group, Marianist Father Salvatore Perrella (assistant dean at the Pontifical Theological Faculty Marianum and a theologian who also serves as an expert for the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith) confirmed that the issue is in Rome and completely out of local hands, adding that he expects the process of Vatican discernment to go on for a protracted period of time. This was reported by Catholic News Service, which is owned by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

That same news service, which often has seemed jaded against apparitions, nonetheless has objectively and accurately stated Rome’s position, which is that: “More than once in recent years, the Vatican has said that dioceses or parishes should not organize official pilgrimages to Medjugorje. But the Vatican has also said Catholics are free to travel to the site, and that if they do the church should provide them with pastoral services.”

Indeed, Rome has never disallowed pilgrims from going to Medjugorje, and Pope John Paul II — soon to be Blessed John Paul II — was famous for quietly urging cardinals and bishops to go, including a key official named Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger.

At any rate, it has long been clear that both pilgrims and priests are at liberty to travel there, and we intend on doing so this June 6 (God-willing) in conjunction with a highly reputable organization called Trinity Pilgrimages. Author Michael H. Brown will be on the trip to meet with and speak to those traveling. We are excited — as we always are to visit this place of grace — and this pilgrimage will be smaller and more intimate than some in the past. Our experience has been simple: we have never seen another circumstance where pilgrims are so profoundly affected in a positive, life-changing, and traditionally Catholic way. (If the Vatican ever decides differently, we will seek to be the first to report on that — whatever our private feelings — and will no longer speak of it in the same way.)

For now, there is no indication that it will and we continue to follow apparitions that — this June — will mark their thirtieth anniversary. Recently, two new books have been issued outlining fascinating information about Medjugorje, which is the most famous apparition in nearly a century (since Fatima in 1917).

One of the books, written by two news reporters, Marijan Sivrić and Ivo Šćepanović (Medjugorje: 30 Years of a Phenomenon), says at least six hundred healings have been credibly reported at Medjugorje. “The Holy See observes with caution but the documentation only increases the observer’s curiosity of the Medjugorian happenings,” they report. “Recorded cases of the healings of people from all over the world are kept in the information center, along with all the given documentation which is then forwarded to medical and theological examiners.” The two journalists cite an especially impressive cure of multiple sclerosis — wherein a woman who had been unable to walk suddenly was able to hike more than seven miles to the shrine from the hotel she was staying at in Ljubuški. They report that the case was studied by twenty-five experts. So far, they say, “there are 143 similar documents of healings that can’t be medically explained.”

As at Lourdes (where the official tally of “miraculous” cures is just 68 out of the approximately 7,000 people who sought to have their cases confirmed), hundreds and perhaps thousands of other cases have gone unreported. The accounts we have directly heard themselves number in the dozens — although they are far outnumbered by dramatic spiritual healings (and conversions).

One who was helped at Medjugorje was a Polish exorcist who had been under severe attack by the evil one and sought refuge at Medjugorje. There he met a special Franciscan monk. “During the Rosary, he said he felt he had to run toward the place of the apparitions even though an inner voice told him not to,” Sivrić and Šćepanović quote this exorcist as saying. “I turned anyways and at that moment I got an answer to all my questions. I felt the Lady descending from Heaven. It was remarkable. I had a strong feeling. I could sense another world. Then I was pacified by a gentleness, an easiness, something like a strong wind of the Lady’s presence.

“She came near. The nearer she was, the power of evil was weaker. I experienced a revelation in my heart. I realized that she didn’t chase the evil spirits away, but they ran away anyway because they couldn’t bear her purity. The spirit of Satan in me was gone along with my depression and fears. In my heart, I heard a voice: ‘Don’t be afraid; I am your mother. I am your promise you will not fail.’ I feel the Lady’s presence during every exorcism.,” added this exorcist, who has frequently returned to the site of apparitions.

The official exorcist of Rome, Father Gabriel Amorth, has likewise endorsed the site.

But it’s up to you, in the end — or until Rome rules.

As with all major apparitions, aspects of Medjugorje remain difficult for anyone to believe. Prime among these: the claim by seer Mirjana Dragićević Soldo (whom, again God-willing, we will be spending time with) that her secrets are written on a mysterious piece of parchment that is only visible, right now, to her. That was allegedly given to Mirjana after her last daily apparition in 1982. States her spiritual director, Father Petar Ljubičić, “When the time comes, the contents of the first secret will become visible to me on the parchment and after seven days everyone else will be able to read it because it will cease to be a secret. This will happen until all ten secrets have been revealed and their consequence.”

For our discernment! There have been other cases in history with saints or seers in which unusual material contained writing (going back, of course, to Moses). But Medjugorje still evokes incredulity — and perhaps always will.

[resources: Michael Brown pilgrimage to Medjugorje; also (books): Medjugorje: The Way Home, The Medjugorje Fasting Book, Queen of the Cosmos, and The Fruits of Medjugorje]

[While we are unable to provide it, Medjugorje: 30 Years of a Phenomenon is available here]


Self love is foundation of Evil

Charity gives life to all virtues

I say I’d find this worthy of posting, as many of us need to hear it, and above all many of us need to live it….

Blessed Mother said today, that she is praying for our conversion. Isn’t that perfect as we are coming to the Eve of Lent 2011. It is a time to put away the old and put on the new and defeat sin!

So I came across this reflection from one of the greatest mystics of the Church, St. Catherine of Sienna, and what the Father said to her about the sin of pride in self love.

Keep in mind dear friends it was just a couple of months ago the Word from Heaven was, “dear children, you are not humble yet…” (10/2/10) I think this world could definately be humbled a great deal…

God the Father to St. Catherine of Sienna

“Self love destroys charity and affection towards the neighbor. Self love is the principal foundation of every evil. All scandal all hatred and cruelty and every sort of trouble proceeds from this pervers root of self love which has poisoned the entire world and weakened the mystical body of the holy Church and the universal body of the believers in the Christian religion.

Charity give life to all the virtues, because no virtue can be obtained without charity which is the pure love of God.

When the soul knows herself she finds humility and hatred of her own sensual passions. She learns the perverse law bound up in her members which fights against the spirit. By God’s grace she is lifted up out of darkness into the light of true knowledge.

But acting out in the same way by loving God, she in the same truth love and serves her neighbor. Love of God and love of neighbor are the same and one. (in other words you cannot say you love God, but hate your neighbor; you would be a hypocrite).

This proves that we possess God by grace in the soul if we love God and our neighbor and making prayers to God. This soul who loves God nevre ceases to serve the whole world…”

If you don’t know what to give up for Lent, lets try Pride first. Let us all defeat the pride in us…

“God opposes the proud, but bestows favor on the humble. So humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time…” (1 Pt. 5:5-6)

Prepare this Lent to defeat Sin

My soul longs for thee my God...

God the Father said to St. Catherine of Sienna, “Dost thou not know dear daughter that all the suffering which the soul endures or can endure in this life are insufficient to punish one smallest fault, because the offense being done to Me who am the infinite Good, calls for infinite satisfaction? However, I wish that though should know, that not all the pains that are given to men in this life are given as a punishment but as corrections, in order to chastise a son when he offends; though it is true that both the guilt and the penalty can be expiated by the desire of the soul, that is by true contrition, not through the finite pain endured but through the infinite desire; because God who is infinite wishes for infinite love and infinite grief…” (The Dialogue of St. Catherine of Sienna)

Can the human heart refrain from partaking in His pain of the savior crucified?

Can we avoid or resist from uniting our suffering with Jesus? We can try to avoid all we want, but suffering is going to come in our life.

According to the Father our suffering alone is of no avail, and is not sufficient to atone the offenses of sin that is committed to God eternal. He said that our suffering must be united with the eternal, that is the one whose suffering was the only acceptable sacrifice pleasing to the Father, the Son Jesus Christ crucified.

When I read these great words of wisdom spoken by the Father to his servant St. Catherine saying that “not all pains that are given to men in this life are given as punishment, but as corrections, in order to chastise a son when he offends…” I was led to the following scripture as St. Paul said;

“As to the extraordinary revelations in order that I might not become conceited I was given a thorn in the flesh, an angel of satan to beat me and keep me from getting proud. Three times I begged the Lord that this might leave me. He said to me, ‘my grace is enough for you, for in weakness power reaches perfection.’ And so I willingly boast of my weakness instead that the power of Christ may rest upon me. Therefore, I am content with weakness, with mistreatment, with distress, with persecutions and difficulties for the sake of Christ; for when I am powerless, it is then that I am strong.” (2 Corinthians 12:7-10)

I gave great thought to these words, reflecting on the passion of Jesus, and with this great doctor of the Church St. Catherine of Sienna who suffered the stigmata; or the wounds of Christ in her body.

Be weary dear friends of those who boast in the gifts given from God as someone too special, and lifting and raising them to high esteem. No one could comprehend the workings of God in the human soul, and for what reason such extraordinary events come to certain souls.

Our Lady has said on many occasions when the visionaries of Mejugorje have asked, why did she come to them. Her response alone is filled with wisdom as she said, “she does not always choose the best.” It is the very least likely souls that God will choose, which often is through children who are innocent before becoming too seasoned and tainted by the world.

So let’s understand in truth that many would think of these extraordinary events as one who has become special and chosen in the eyes of God…yes this it true. But to remind the reader, if one has been given much, much is expected, and this soul is called to severe judgment if the grace given is not upheld in humility.

But what about to the one who bears the wounds of Christ in the body?

Has anyone ever given thought to why the Lord has permitted such afflictions on the body of a particular soul? Yes, of course for the Lord to manifest His power, but satan can also deceive in this extraordinary event as well. So we have to think more with great prudence in such suffering.

St. Catherine asked the Lord to suffer for the sins of humanity yes, but in order for her not to boast in her heroic deed, she suffered affliction in many ways to keep her humble. In reality when someone is in agony, it is hard to be so proud in these moments. It is a humble and contrite heart that pleases the Lord.

As I reflect on this mystery in my own life, and looking at a quick glimpse of my life review and the experiences I have encountered, I am in awe for I recognize the inflated pride in my own soul, knowing that this pride, my stubbornness, my selfishness had to go at whatever cost for the sake of saving my soul.

My friends, the battle was and is still fierce within me. The words of St. Paul who said, “he learned obedience through what he suffered…” rings oh so true to the depth of this soul, this one who is speaking to you. So much so, in the spirit of Fear of the Lord, that is the fear of offending my God, I shrink at the thought of getting a divine spanking from God for my behavior and my own actions when I disobey. I am the worst of the sinners.

When you have experienced the Love of God in truth, and see who you are in fullness of truth from the beginning of your existence through today, that is I mean by saying, where I was at one time in my life, in wasting my human life, to passing through the fiery furnace and coming out as gold being refined in the fire, that no one could comprehend the depth and the length and the breathe of God which passes through the human soul. And I know after 24 years of working on my conversion, I am not done yet!

Our Lady has given me this message for my personal life on many occasions. It has come at the height of the greatest trials in my life. She said,

“Dear children, today I am calling you to the love which is loyal and pleasing to God. Little children, love bears everything bitter and difficult for the sake of Jesus Who is love. Therefore, dear children, pray God to come to your aid, not however according to your desires but according to His love. Surrender yourselves to God so that He may heal you, console you, and forgive everything inside you which is a hindrance on the way of love. Dear children, glorify God with the canticle of love so that God’s love may be able to grow in you day by day to its fullness. Thank you for having responded to my call.” (6/25/88)

Again dear friends united with Our Lady, I ask you to again take the crucifix in your hands and meditate on the wounds of Jesus. Here in this way you are now looking at the love that is loyal and pleasing to God.

Look at Jesus crucified Who in His love bears everything for you. The suffering and death of Jesus was most bitter, most loathful, most painful, in agonizing grief, and He endured it with great difficulty for yours and my sake. This is love my friends. There is no greater love that ever came to mankind than Divine Love.

I recently wrote that Our Lady is leading us to her Son by the way of the Cross. Here we are on the cusp of Lent, with Ash Wednesday just around the corner.

How are you preparing yourself for this coming Lent?

Are you asking Jesus what sin He wants to put to death in you?

You will need to spend the time in the desert facing this sin that He wants to defeat in you. And you will be tempted and tried in many ways and wrestle with it in the darkest moments, to put it to the sword, because the enemy has the stronghold on you in this sin, and it will not let it go without a fight in you. It will be your will against God’s will for you.

Our Lady says in this message…

“…Therefore, dear children, pray God to come to your aid, not however according to your desires but according to His love. Surrender yourselves to God so that He may heal you, console you, and forgive everything inside you which is a hindrance on the way of love…”

In these moments, call out to God as you ask in the Lord’s prayer, ‘lead us not into temptation, deliver us from evil…’ Beg the Father to come in the way He desires for you, for He knows what is best for you, according to the love He has for you. Take the correction with joy, knowing what affliction He imposes on you is for your own good, and surrender as Our Lady and Jesus did saying, “thy will be done in me!”

This way, even in the midst of the pain, God will either heal you, console you, and forgive you for every darkness inside of you that blocks you from loving in perfect love. The trial is worst when we suffer alone, and we find ourselves locked up in our own self pity and pride, and then satan begins to work on us, as we find ourselves blaming others for our misery.

Our Lady says accept everything that comes from God with love. Here is where the grace will come. And the burden you carry will be lighter.

Our Lady then says to do as she did with St. Joseph and the apostles,

“….Dear children, glorify God with the canticle of love so that God’s love may be able to grow in you day by day to its fullness…”

Sing! Rejoice in your suffering and in your weakness. Joy is the sign of God’s presence in the soul. Sing as she sang her canticle of love in her Magnificat, “My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord!!!” Give all glory to God and thank HIM.

You are going through the fire because the Lord wills the life of your soul! For no other reason, but to share in the divine life with Him, and come to a deeper knowledge of His omnipotence. Your consolation is the taste of heaven and a greater love and appreciation for the profoundness of the suffering and death of Jesus Christ crucified.

Do not rely on your feelings in the desert says the Lord to St. Faustina. Your feelings are not in your control, and are powered by your human emotions.

How many times I have heard, “I FEEL CALLED to such and such…” Life with God is not based on feelings, but it is the desire of the eternal who moves the heart to act in such a way as it does.

TEST EVERYTHING, and do not be deceived by false human consolations that only feed to your pride all the more.

Thy Kingdom come we pray! Pray for the triumphant victory of Jesus in you. Surrender to Him that He may triumph in your heart and in the hearts of those surrounding you! Surrender and lay down your sin in humble submission to the King, and pay Him homage that is due to a righteous King and defeat satan’s angel in your sin so that it has no more power over you.

May the eyes of your heart be enlightened so that you may know what is the hope to which He has called you to and what are the riches of His glory in His saints, to come to know His immeasurable power and His greatness for those of us who believe according to the works of His great might, for remembering that He said, “I will draw all men to myself…” (Eph. 1)

Jesus will draw all men to Himself. It is not men who draw men to themselves in the name of the Lord. These are those who are seeking the light for themsleves and blinded by their own light, lost in their imaginations and sin. Only the Lord will lead us to the cross for His glory, not ours. Keep your pride in check my friends, and seek no honor from men, but let your merit be only known by the Almight above.

We are all united as one body suffering with the One Lord Jesus Christ, as one Church, one God, one faith, one truth. May we all remain united in prayer for each other, and give Him the absolute glory due to Him!

Ave Maria!

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