Convert and Pray in Your Families

Which path do you choose?

Early Friday morning during my morning prayer I pulled this message from Our Lady at random to reflect upon. Only minutes later would I get a message from a friend about the news of the shooting in Aurora, Colorado.

“…Be converted…pray more, pray with the Holy rosary, pray amongst yourselves in the cenacles,(prayer groups) pray above all in your families. I want Christian families to return to the practice of praying with me and by means of me so that they will be saved from the great evils threatening them. Mortify yourselves with penance and corporal fasting. It is fasting from evil and from sin that I prefer, of renunciation of tobacco, alcohol, motion pictures and television. Do not watch motion pictures or television shows which corrupt your interior chastity and bring so much dissipation into your souls, sowing the germs of evil in your hearts … consecrate yourselves continually to my Immaculate Heart and live in daily communion of life and love with me. I am the Mother of faith; I am the faithful virgin and today you should ask me for help to remain in the true faith. If you do everything I ask you, you will be walking each day with me toward your conversion. Live well this space of time which the merciful love of Jesus still gives you. You will live with trust and with joy the impending movement of the triumph of my Immaculate Heart.” (Mother of God, May 13, 1984-MMP)

I have many issues about the new Batman movies that has been developed by Hollywood and how much evil and darkness is portrayed in these series. So much I forbid my children from participating in watching them. It is not the old Batman and Robin that we once grew up with any more, and it keeps getting darker as each series comes out, as its name almost gives it away.

However this message from Our Lady seems to bring a different light into the situation. It is as if the Mother of God is convicting in these words about such movies that plants the seeds of evil in the hearts of men for one to commit such a murderous crime, as if he were living in the fantasy of the movie itself.

I’ve had many requests from friends close to the victims to pray. Of course we are keeping them all close to heart in prayer.

But today I sat with the Lord before the most Blessed Sacrament, and I felt Our Lady say to me again, pray for families in a special way. I was praying for families in general.

Go to Jesus - surrender your past to Him

I started to dive into the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary and reflected on the hidden mysteries of the foundation of holy family life which began in the womb of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

As the Lord led me in the prayer I came to the culmination at the 5th Mystery, “the Finding of the Child Jesus in the Temple”. The Holy Spirit was moving me toward praying for parents who have lost their child in one way or another, and for those who grieve at the loss of a child; whose children who have gone astray and/or are missing, and I asked Our Lady to point them all to her Son Who is present in the Holy Tabernacle in the Church, where God can be found again.

Then I began to see the families of the victims of this crime in Aurora Colorado, and their pain pierced my heart. So I asked the Lord, what happened? What drives someone to commit such a murderous act? As I have the vision of this shooter in my mind from all the news flashes of him with his red hair, and empty look on his face who seems to be out of his mind literally.

Here is man who seemed to have it all together, one his way for making a life for himself, gone dark. And he seemed to be caught in the fantasy of a violent video game, thinking he’s the villan in the game, and Wow! Look how he cooperated in the trap of satan.

I then began to see how many young men, boys and girls alike who are participating in these video games that are deadly, bloody and gross to say the least, who day in and day out play these games.
Mush minds! It is a playground for satan and its cohorts.

Do these young people know the difference between reality and fantasy I ask? How many hours do parents permit their children to be seduced by such evil that they call entertainment? And this is just one venue in the way the youth are being exposed.

Our Lady says to fast from these as a way of breaking the habit or the addiction. Why? Because they are compromising the purity of heart by what the eye sees, for the eye is the window to the soul. And what we put before our eyes in this way is planting the seeds of evil in the heart. This young man in Colorado is a perfect example of how far this can go.

Once the door is open as one cooperates with sin, satan has his way to manipulate anyway he pleases. In this case a massacre has occurred leaving many wounded and innocent victims killed.

Parents! Be forewarned! You bear the grave responsibility before God for what you expose your children to. It is your job to guard and protect, and preserve the dignity and purity of your children. Jesus said it would be better for one to tie a millstone around his neck and be tossed into the sea before they cause anyone of his little ones to sin. It is time to clean house and be rid of such filth in the home, and begin working with your children in the interior of heart for the sake of their souls.

There is much, much more to say about such evil as Our Lady often warns about satan’s activity in the world. But that is not the focus here. The focus is putting to life the message of the Mother of God, and being a witness.

Our Lady is sent to the world by God, to call the world to conversion with heaven’s help. She said the world cannot do it on its own. Our Lady is pointing us in the direction towards salvation, to her Son. Now is the time of decision. Dear friends, make good use of this time!

May the Mercy of God cover us all! Ave Maria!

Note: what is shared in this post comes from private prayer and is shared in faith. For your own discernment.